Detroit’s First 3D-Printed Home is Now Available for Sale

Sustainability, energy efficiency, and affordability drive this project to be the first of many 3D-printed homes.
Photograph by Evelyn Woodman

Construction of Detroit’s first 3D-printed home, located in the Islandview neighborhood, is now complete and on the market with an asking price of $224,500.

Citizen Robotics and developArchitecture first kicked off construction for the 988-square-foot, two-bedroom home in October of 2022. The home, which is located at 1444 Sheridan St., is the first of its kind in Detroit and will be more efficient in lowering utility costs for residents.

“This home proves that, by leveraging digitalization and robotics, we can solve for many of the problems that plague the homebuilding industry. We can build right-sized homes, with fewer workers, that cost less to heat and cool. We can build homes with features to support living at any stage of life,” said Tom Woodman, co-founder and executive director of Citizen Robotics, in a press release.

Citizen Robotics is an organization that encourages the adoption of robotics and automation in home building in an effort to provide affordable and sustainable housing. developArchitecture is a metro Detroit architecture firm focused on small businesses, 3D-printed structures, and tenant improvements.

The home was printed with a cementitious mortar using a giant robotic arm. The innovation behind 3D-printed homes makes for a more efficient building process that involves less labor, fewer expenses, and more sustainable materials.

The home received nearly $160,000 in funding from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA)’s Neighborhood Enhancement Program, which covered the construction materials for the house.

“As we move quickly with solutions to address Michigan’s housing crisis, we are serious about investing in innovation and piloting new ideas, and the 3D-printed house is a great example of that,” said Amy Hovey, MSHDA chief executive officer and executive director, in a press release. “We need all types of housing for Michiganders, and we are committed to exploring programs and partnerships that advance our goal to not only increase housing supply but also lower construction costs, reduce environmental impacts, and maintain affordability for homebuyers and renters.”

Moving forward, Citizen Robotics and developArchitecture plan to host workshops throughout the state that will educate others about 3D printing designs and processes.

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