5 Metro Detroit Brands Fermenting Locally Sourced Ingredients

Yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, and more!


Fluffy Bottom Farms Yogurt

From a family-run farm and creamery in Chelsea comes a line of fresh yogurt made with milk from pasture-fed Jersey cows. A landmark product of Fluffy Bottom Farms, the creamy yogurt is cultivated carefully in small batches and blended with imported French cultures and natural ingredients, such as Madagascar vanilla and organic sugar.  Fluffy Bottom Farms Pure Vanilla Yogurt, $7, at Fluffy Bottom Farms, 10750 Jerusalem Road, Chelsea; 734-548-0234; facebook.com/yum.fluffybottomfarms for more information

The Brinery Storm Cloud Zapper

The Brinery’s mission is to preserve vegetables as naturally as possible. That’s why the brand ferments its ingredients with just filtered water, salt, and a blend of fresh vegetables to create a savory brine. The Storm Cloud Zapper elevates traditional sauerkraut by punching up red cabbage with beets and fresh ginger for a topping that’s vibrant in color and flavor. The Brinery Storm Cloud Zapper, $44 for pack of four, at The Brinery, 4175 Whitmore Lake Road, Ann Arbor; thebrinery.com

Marymai Kombucha in Blueberry Lemon Ginger and Strawberry Basil

From the whole fruit and herbs featured in each of its beverages to the glassware they’re served in, Marymai Kombucha’s mission is to source all elements of the fermented drink locally. Each handmade kombucha is infused with natural probiotics that aid in digestion and offer an energy boost. Try refreshing flavor combinations, such as Blueberry Lemon Ginger and Strawberry Basil. Marymai Kombucha in Blueberry Lemon Ginger
and Strawberry Basil, $10, at Marymai Kombucha; 734-756-7239; facebook.com/marymaikombucha for more information. 

The Mushroom Factory Miso

Based out of a Detroit warehouse, The Mushroom Factory explores the possibilities of fermentation with one specific ingredient — mushrooms. The brand creates mushroom-based misos in unexpected flavors, such as sweet potato and orange spotted beans. It experiments with soy-free tempeh, too. The Mushroom Factory Miso, $12+, at The Mushroom Factory; themushroomfactory.com for retailers

Kimchi Box Kimchi

Few restaurants specialize strictly in fermented products, making this Sterling Heights eatery one of a kind. Opened this spring, Kimchi Box debuted a menu of Korean specialties, many topped with the salty, tangy, crunchy vegetable medley from which it gets its name. Try the Kimchi Chicken Sandwich, or simply order a side of kimchi for the best part of the dish. Novi residents, rejoice. A location near you is coming soon. Kimchi Box Kimchi, $2, at Kimchi Box, 13937 Lakeside Circle, Sterling Heights; 586-991-6907; kimchiboxusa.com

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