6 Different Ways to Eat a Paczki This Fat Tuesday

Instead of a jelly-filled Polish pastry, try a banana pudding or pierogi-like paczki

Fat Tuesday is nearly here, and the celebration calls for jelly- or custard-filled paczkis; the essential gluttonous treat fit for the holiday prior to Ash Wednesday. If you’ve lived long enough, you might have had too many of them to remember, or willingly recall. For those who are searching for a spin on the paczki, this list was made for you. From unique fillings that include Oreo crumbs, Fruity Pebbles, and pineapple bits as options, to the way it is presented, think a hamburger with paczkis as buns, we’re certain you’ll never eat a traditional Polish pastry again.

Cake Crumbs

If you’re still craving a traditional paczki, there’s a myriad of flavors that aren’t jelly or cream. This Southfield bakery offers fillings, like lemon or raspberry, but also inventive riffs like Oreo, banana pudding, blueberry, pineapple, apricot, cheesecake, and Fruity Pebbles. Prices start at $3.50 for a single paczki, $22 for a half-dozen, and $35 for a dozen. 28569 Northwestern Hwy., Southfield; 248-281-6456, cakecrumbsonline.com

Sister Pie

Sister Pie is putting skin in the game for batching up an alternative paczki. Owner Lisa Undwinski is filling her fried treats with maple coffee syrup, a doughy way to enjoy your morning joe for $4. Combining two Polish treats together, she will also be making pierogi-paczkis, which entails a hearty potato, cheese, and onion filling, that will be offered at $5. A Sister Pie employee revealed that the bakery’s team will be making only 12 to 14 batches of both paczkis, and that each patron will be limited to buying four due to their limited quantity. 8066 Kercheval Ave., Detroit, 313-447-5550; sisterpie.com

Motor City Sports Bar

paczki burger

Hamtramck’s Motor City Sports Bar is serving to both sweet tooth’s and meat lovers with their paczki hamburger, the sandwich featuring a beef patty stacked with onion, lettuce, and tomato. And the best part, two sugar coated paczkis act as buns. It’s dinner and dessert, at the price of $7.50. 9122 Joseph Campau Ave., Hamtramck; 313-875-4710

The Home Bakery

In downtown Rochester, The Home Bakery is whipping up sweet flavors for their paczkis. The selection includes their buttercream, double chocolate, and kronutczki (vanilla bean pastry cream cronut). Their traditional fillings include apple, lemon, lime-curd raspberry, raspberry-lemon, and blueberry-lemon. 300 S. Main St., Rochester; 248-651-4830; thehomebakery.com

Paris Bakery

For those who are looking to experience Polish culture beyond eating a paczki, organist Joe Czapski, who hails from Poland, will be performing all day at this family-owned bakery, which offers raspberry, apple, and prune fillings at $2 per pastry, $11 for half a dozen, and $19 for a dozen. 28418 Joy Rd., Livonia; 734-425-2060; parisbakerylivonia.com

Morning Glory


While a paczki is a dessert in it of itself, this Grosse Pointe bakery is adding an extra indulgent to their donuts: Bavarian Crème. The Bavarian haute cuisine dessert is said to be the creation of Marie Antonin Carême, the first internationally renowed chef. At Morning Glory, paczkis go for $12 for six, and $22 for a dozen. Other flavors include raspberry, lemon, strawberry, custard, and apple. 85 Kercheval, Grosse Pointe Farms; 313-647-0298; morningglorygrossepointe.com

Where is your go-to spot for paczkis? Tell us in the comments below.

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