Baobab Fare and Saffron De Twah to Host Iftar Dinner

Celebrate Ramadan with the Detroit restaurants this weekend
Omar and Mamba - iftar dinner
Omar Qais Anani (left), owner of Saffron De Twah, and Mamba Hamissi, owner of Baobab Fare are presenting a iftar dinner this weekend. // Photograph courtesy of Baobab Fare 

Baobab Fare and Saffron De Twah are coming together to celebrate Ramadan. This weekend, the two Detroit-based restaurants will host an iftar dinner for Muslim diners and anybody else observing the holiday.

“Our Ramadan celebration is all about bringing people together,” says Omar Qais Anani, owner of Saffron De Twah and one of our 2021 Hour Detroiters, in a press release. “Ramadan is the great equalizer. No matter how rich or poor, or where you come from, everyone comes to iftar hungry and thirsty. We feel what everyone less fortunate is feeling. When we break the fast, we do so with people of all walks of life, which is a powerful moment.”

Taking place from 8 p.m. to midnight on April 16, the dinner will be hosted at Saffron De Twah, located at 7637 Gratiot Ave. According to a press release, Baobab Fare will present both chicken and vegan options of its Nyumbani and Mhogo dishes, while Saffron De Twah will pair an African drink menu of the Chapman, Zobo, and Rose Mule. Sides options include Harissa Potatoes, Loubina Dip with Feta, and Saffron Tomato Dip. Dessert will be Oum Ali, an Egyptian bread pudding,

“Ramadan is a party and a festivity,” says Mamba Hamissi, owner of Baobab Fare, in a press release. “It brings everyone together to celebrate, and in our case, by telling and showing places in Detroit where Muslims are eating and sharing a community space together. When people think of Ramadan, they also associate it with Dearborn, but you’ll be surprised at how many Black Muslims are in Detroit. We’re so proud to see something like this happening, and we’re so excited to share in collaboration with Saffron De Twah.”

No reservations are required, and the special dinner will also take online orders via Saffron De Twah’s website. Additionally, Saffron De Twah will provide prayer mats and space for prayer.

In addition to this weekend’s collaboration with Baobab Fare, Saffron De Twah is planning a Ramadan in Mexico event for April 22 and 23, which will include lamb pastor tacos and quesadillas and iced tea as menu items. Then on April 29 and 30, the restaurant will do a whole lamb barbecue meal with service starting at 9 p.m.

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