Got The Munchies? Try These Michigan-Made Snacks

Better Made Snack Foods, Pop Daddy Popcorn, and Kar’s Nuts all make our list.
better made snacks
Nothing beats the classics! Pictured: Better Made Snack Foods Original and Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips.

Better Made Snack Foods, Kar’s Nuts, Pop Daddy Popcorn, and more — these Michigan-made snacks are made for — well, snacking.

Better Made Snack Foods

A Detroit icon, Better Made has been churning out savory snacks for nearly a century. Best known for its Wavy and Red Hot BBQ potato chips, the company has also expanded its offerings to include popcorn, pork rinds, cheese puffs, seasoned pretzels, and more;

Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee

Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee prides itself on being handmade, homemade, and Michigan-made — not to mention, family-made. What started as a passion project for former Detroit firefighter Dave Chmielewski has evolved into a full line of toffees in a range of flavors carried on by Dave’s son Andrew;

Daily Crunch Snacks

Is it a normal workday if you’re not mindlessly noshing on snacks while crunching numbers and sending emails? If snacking helps keep you focused — or at least you think it does — consider keeping a stash of guilt-free goodies at the ready. True to the brand name, Daily Crunch’s sprouted nuts are a crunchy-but-healthy treat;  

Hacienda Mexican Foods

Tacos may be reserved for Tuesdays, but tortilla chips are an everyday treat. At Hacienda Mexican Foods, the Gutierrez family has perfected the crispy, salty, stone-ground tortilla chip made in the heart of Detroit’s Mexicantown;

Kar’s Nuts

Another snack food staple, Kar’s has deep Detroit roots with its roasted nuts dating as far back as the 1930s when they were sold outside of Tiger Stadium — Kar’s sponsored the original stadium flagpole and continues to provide its snacks to Tigers players. Have a sweet-savory energy fix with its Sweet’n Salty Mix, featuring a medley of peanuts, plump raisins, candy-coated chocolate rounds, and sunflower kernels;

Mindo Chocolate Makers

Named after a small town in Ecuador, Mindo Chocolate Makers creates artisanal chocolate bars made from pure cacao sourced from its namesake. The company operates in both Ann Arbor and Mindo, and its North American and South American influences show up in each of its products. The 77% Michigan Cherry Bar, for example, pairs rich Ecuadorian cacao with tart cherries harvested from Traverse City and is handcrafted in Dexter;

Pop Daddy Popcorn

Pop Daddy has taken a classic snack item — popcorn — and made it even more alluring with unexpected flavors, such as Hot Sauce and yellow mustard. It’s even taken a healthier approach than the standard microwave-style, using pure olive oil rather than salted butter. But the brand’s proudest feature is its use of ruby red kernels, which are lighter on the hull, the cumbersome part that tends to get caught between your teeth as you munch on handfuls of popcorn;

This post has been updated for 2023.