Master the Art of Packing Your Lunch with These Picks

Step up your meal prep game with finds from metro Detroit brands and shops
packing your lunch
Local brands and shops make it easy to level up your meal preps — whether you’re packing your lunch for the office or enjoying your meal while working from home.

Hummus Goodness Taco Hummus

For Taco Tuesdays, add this locally crafted hummus blended with tahini, lemon and lime juices, and taco seasoning to your lunch menu. Bring along fresh veggies, pretzel twists, or chewy bread for dipping. Hummus Goodness Taco Hummus;
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Lateral Objects Frame Napkin Set 

Keep your desk and hands tidy while noshing on a midday meal with chic napkins befitting a dinner party table setting. Lateral Objects Frame Napkin Set, $95 for set of six, at Nora, 4240 N. Cass Ave., Ste. 109, Detroit; 313-831-4845;

Black and Blum Food Flask and Sandwich Box

What’s the best way to elevate a packed lunch? For starters, redefine a thermos as a food flask. British company Black and Blum has done just that with its vacuum-sealed, stainless steel vessels designed to keep your drinks cool and soups hot for six hours or more. Sleek sandwich boxes are also perfect for PB&Js on days you’re going for sophisticated but feeling nostalgic. Black and Blum Food Flask, $33, and Sandwich Box, $30, at Urbanum, 6545 Woodward Ave., Detroit; 313-771-4777;

Bea’s Squeeze Lemonade

What started out as a small, family-owned lemonade stand in Eastern Market, quickly grew into a co-working and event space complete with an in-house coffee shop. Still, there’s nothing like a classic. Pack a lemonade made with simple ingredients to quench your thirst. Bea’s Squeeze Classic and Pink Rose Lemonade, $20 for a variety pack, at

Cinnful Crunch Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice season is upon us. Rather than reaching for a confectionery latte, bring a handful of pumpkin spice-flavored graham cracker snacks. They’re bite-size hunks of the best part of a cheesecake — that buttery, sweet-and-spiced bottom crust — and handmade right in Plymouth. Cinnful Crunch Pumpkin Spice, $6, at

Food Huggers Big Hugs Food Huggers

Food Huggers step in for those of us without a clue what to do with the rest of an ingredient when a recipe calls for only half of it. That half-avocado left over from last night’s salad? Keep it fresh with these food-grade silicone covers, toss it in your lunch bag, and enjoy it as a snack between meetings. Food Huggers Big Hugs Food Huggers, $15, at Leon & Lulu, 96 W. 14 Mile Road, Clawson; 248-288-3600;

Nakee Butter IQ

Just as that late-afternoon lull hits, step away from your computer to munch on a Nakee Butter IQ. Made in Hamtramck, these protein-rich cacao-peanut butter pouches are infused with MCT oil, which is known to promote focus and improve cognitive function. Spread the nutrient-dense nut butter on an apple or eat it on its own for a pick-me-up. Nakee Butter IQ, $35 for 12, at 

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