Redefine Traditional Barbecue Sauce With Local Condiments, Dressings, and Marinades

These picks are perfect for grilling
Make any sauce a barbecue sauce this summer with flavorful condiments found around town.

Bombanana Original

In an effort to drum up an alternative to the refined sugars traditionally used in most hot sauces, a team of then-University of Michigan students substituted bananas to round out the bite in this blend of de árbol and chipotle chilies. What results is a fiery sauce with a mild sweetness ideal as a marinade for grilled chicken, ribs, or even fresh fruit for a savory kick. Bombanana Original, $8, at for retailers

Food for Thought Truly Natural Maple Cream Mustard

Honey mustard is an obvious choice for wings and various chicken dishes. Food for Thought, however, reimagines this household staple with a Michigan-made ingredient: maple syrup. The creamy topping is best used for grilling root vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips, or turnips. Food for Thought Truly Natural Maple Cream Mustard, $8.50, at for retailers 

Scotty O’Hotty Hot Sauce Beer-Bacon Chipotle

Beer and bacon are two trusted ingredients for amplifying the flavor of a great grilled burger. Scotty O’Hotty Hot Sauce does the leg work for you with its Beer-Bacon Chipotle sauce. Slather meaty beef burgers with the rich sauce for a robust, smoky flavor — then top them off with a few thick slabs of bacon for the finishing touch. Scotty O’Hotty Hot Sauce Beer-Bacon Chipotle, $6, at

French Pantry Artichoke Tapenade

From Birmingham cookware shop Bon Cook, French Pantry is a line of house-made condiments inspired by French culinary traditions. Pair the Artichoke Tapenade with a griddled fish, such as a salmon filet or dover sole, for a tangy Provençal flair. There are also herb blends that make for verdant rubs and fruit-infused balsamic vinegars to top off charred cheese. French Pantry Artichoke Tapenade, $15, at Bon Cook, 34901 Woodward Ave., Ste. 201, Birmingham; 888-838-1998;

The Original Zip Sauce

Are you even a Detroiter if your steak isn’t drenched in Zip Sauce? Earn your street cred by keeping a bottle of The Original Zip Sauce in your barbecue toolkit this summer. There’s only one rule for taking the spice and Worcestershire blend to the next level: Just add butter. The Original Zip Sauce, $6.50, at for stores

Fustini’s Habanero Agave Agrodolce

Perfectly linear grill marks on peach slices and thick pork chops are like summertime works of art. Make the dish a masterpiece with the glisten of a sweet-and-sour glaze. Fustini’s Habanero Agave Agrodolce does the trick with its blend of white balsamic vinegar, habanero peppers, and agave nectar. Fustini’s Habanero Agave Agrodolce, $16, at for locations