Treat Your Loved Ones to Ferndale’s Quix Chocolate this Valentine’s Day

Step up your chocolate gift game with Belgian chocolates made from the owner’s family recipes.
Photograph by Rebecca Simonov

Looking for something unique, exquisite, and delicious to impress your significant other this Feb. 14? We recommend a visit to Quix Chocolate, a boutique Belgian chocolatier in downtown Ferndale.

Stop in, and you’ll see a dizzying display of confections in many shapes and colors. Behind the counter, the team is busy painting, molding, and filling candies made from Belgian chocolate, distinct for its creamy texture and semisweet taste. Lots of thought goes into the look — from the chocolate itself to its packaging.

The chocolatier even offers custom chocolates with customer-submitted images, such as company logos or photographs of loved ones. “Ultimately, we’re a gift store,” says owner David Ogloza, who opened the store two summers ago on July 21 (Belgian National Day).

The original company, called Chocoladehuis Quix, was founded in Belgium by Ogloza’s aunt and uncle Mariette Quix and Marcel Jeandarme in 1949 and closed for a time in the 1980s. Ogloza keeps the family spirit alive with the Quix name and many of the original recipes.

Some of our favorite options are pictured in the photo above, listed clockwise from the left, they are:

  • The Quix, with praline, hazelnut, and crème; Heavenly Mango, with dark chocolate and creamy mango ganache
  • Après-Ski, with coffee ganache and rum
  • Hummer, with Kahlúa, rum, and vanilla
  • Grasshopper, with crème de menthe and vanilla
  • Cappuccino Cup, with a chocolate- covered espresso bean and coffee ganache
  • Orange, with praline and orange
  • Maple Leaf, with maple syrup caramel and sea salt
  • Framboise, with raspberry ganache and dark chocolate
  • Green Hills, with marzipan, pistachio, and dark chocolate
  • The Immaculate Confection, with vanilla ganache.

This story is from the February 2024 issue of Hour Detroit magazine. Read more in our digital edition.