The Face of Pain Management – Jeff Morton — Pain Free Life Centers


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The Face of Pain Management - Jeff Morton — Pain Free Life Centers



Jeff Morton is frustrated by the status quo in the field of pain management. As director of Pain Free Life Centers, he sees people living in pain every day who are being “treated” with ineffective modalities and being overprescribed opioids. “Most people come through our doors after they’ve tried everything else. The drugs, injections, and surgery that are the go-to for a number of doctors are, in many cases, completely ineffective.”

With more than six years of experience, Morton and his staff have pioneered proprietary protocols in the use of High-Dose Laser Therapy for successful pain management. Patients’ results have been so overwhelmingly positive, Pain Free Life Centers now has four state-of-the-art treatment centers in southeast Michigan.

“Some doctors offer low-level laser therapy, but their equipment doesn’t produce enough energy to effectively treat most conditions. This causes a prolonged course of treatment with far from optimal results. Our goal is to educate the public on the difference between low-level laser therapy and our significantly superior High-Dose Laser Therapy, which is available exclusively at Pain Free Life Centers,” Morton says.

Morton is excited about the future of Michigan’s only alternative modality devoted exclusively to pain management using High-Dose Laser Therapy. “We never would have been able to see this type of growth without the success and positive outcomes of our patients,” Morton says. “Go to our website and watch our video testimonials. Not only do we have the most effective technology in the industry, but we also have a highly trained staff that’s second to none. Our mission is to restore our patients’ quality of life, pain-free.”


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