The Faces of Orthopedic Surgery – The CORE Institute


Faces of Detroit 2018 Special Section

The Faces of Orthopedic Surgery - The CORE Institute


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Superior outcomes, proven results, and a world-class team that cares about each and every patient. That’s why The CORE Institute is one of Michigan’s leading orthopedic practices, with five stars, the top rating from The Physician Alliance, to prove it.

The CORE Institute’s physicians are nationally acclaimed leaders in fields ranging from total joint replacement, sports medicine, and minimally invasive surgery to pain control and rehabilitation. Working together with an outstanding team of mid-level practitioners, they provide an unparalleled level of care, coupled with the empathy and compassion that are hallmarks of The CORE Institute. All with one goal: to help you Keep Life in Motion.

Pictured are: James Bolz, MD; Michael Slesinski, DO; Victor Nwosu, DPM; Sean F. Bak, MD; David C. Markel, MD; Michael Sorscher, MD; Kelly Sakalian, NP-C; James Arceo, PA-C; Jefferey E. Michaelson, MD; William Higginbotham III, MD; and William K. Kesto, MD


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