The Faces of Successful Business Leaders – Northwood University


Faces of Detroit 2018 Special Section

The Faces of Successful Business Leaders - Northwood University


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Successful business leaders have many faces, and many of them have one thing in common: Northwood University.

For 60 years, Northwood University has been developing the leaders, innovators, and creators of the future of enterprise. In southeast Michigan and beyond, Northwood’s alumni make an impact as job providers, and serve as ambassadors of business and ethics in their workplaces and communities large and small. Northwood students earn valuable experience and unparalleled opportunities as they evolve into the next generation of business leaders.

One of America’s largest specialty business schools, Northwood is the premier business institution based on free enterprise philosophy. The more than 57,000 Northwood University alumni worldwide reflect the integrity of this philosophy in their careers and their lives. In Detroit, this engine of enterprise is sparked in those who have an innate drive for entrepreneurial success and an inner compass that points them to their own True North.

Where will your True North Lead you? Northwood University.

Front row: Bjorn Lagerfeld, general manager, The London Chophouse; Jamie Rae Turnbull, founder and president, JR Turnbull Communications; Jennifer Panning, president, Artisan Tile Inc.; Brittney Lewis, policy and procedure manager, Bluewater Technologies; Rick Portwood, president, The Display Group;

Back row: Amber Morin, Wyandotte, class of 2019; Ali Nasrallah, Dearborn, class of 2019; Taky Ezell, Wixom, class of 2021.


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