Celebrity Stylist Ebony Brown Shares Her Spring Fashion Tips

The Detroit native talks pops of color, pearl accessories, and creating a day-to-night look
ebony brown
Stylist Ebony Brown has her pulse on what’s next in fashion. // Photograph courtesy of Ebony Brown

From styling stars such as Faith Evans and Camilla Cabello and creating looks for popular televisions shows like Dope on Hulu to working on photoshoots like Halsey for Paper Magazine and major ad campaigns for some of the largest companies in the world, Detroit native Ebony Brown has solidified herself as a jack of all trades in the fashion industry.

The stylist, who now lives in Los Angeles, knows how to create looks for any occasion, and she always has her pulse on what’s next in fashion. Here, Brown talks spring fashion and how to update your wardrobe for the warmer weather ahead.

Hour Detroit: What trends are you eyeing this spring?

Ebony Brown: The Y2K fashion has brought back baby tees, which look great with wide-leg trousers or boxy trousers. The small strip of skin between the shirt and the top of the pants is something that is so simple but adds a sexy touch to an outfit without showing too much skin.

Denim is something that is so classic and so constantly in style. I’m loving the boyfriend silhouette of jeans, something that’s a little more relaxed and not so rigid like skinny jeans. I’m also a big fan of cutouts in denim, especially for spring and summer, and I’m really interested in elevating the placement of the distressing on jeans.

What about color trends? Do you have any tips for incorporating more color in your wardrobe?

Lime green is going to be No. 1 for the season. Beyoncé was just at the Oscars in an all-lime-green moment, so that’s a stamp of approval. Muted greens, different shades of yellow, those colors just scream spring and are going to be fun to play with.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of color. I normally stick to black, white, gray, and beige. But when I do want to add a pop I’ll start with a tank top, and I’ll pair it with black sweats and a cute little sandal or heel. You can do colorful accessories. Hoop earrings with an enamel finish in red, lime green, even a royal blue will make the outfit a little more fun. If you want to do a colorful shoe, I always recommend starting at a lower price point, especially if you’re buying a color that’s trendy. You don’t need to break the bank for something that you won’t be wearing every day.

What are your go-to accessories for springtime?

Accessories can really make or break your look. You can be in sweats, a tank top, and cute sneakers, but by adding three or four layering necklaces, that can be a really cute moment. I would say the biggest accessory as we go into spring is pearls. It’s not your grandma’s pearls, it can be cute earrings with small pearl details, pearl rings. It’s very hip right now.

With the weather being so unpredictable during spring in Detroit, what advice do you have for utilizing some winter pieces in your spring wardrobe?

I know everyone is still wearing sweatpants. We try to say that the sweatpants days are over, but they aren’t. Instead of stopping, we can elevate them. Wear some nicer sweatpants, not your laying-around-the-house sweats, and pair them with a shacket. They come in great plaids and are a little longer and thicker than just a regular plaid shirt, and those paired together can make a cool transition moment. Adding a tank top underneath is great because a lot of times in Michigan the day will start at 50 degrees and by the afternoon it’s 70.

What is your advice for dressing for a professional environment this spring? And how do you recommend transitioning from a day look that is suitable for the office to a night look?

The professional wardrobe has definitely changed post-quarantine, a lot of companies no longer require “business casual” but you still need to look professional. If your company allows for jeans, I suggest a darker wash and pairing them with a cool boot or a sandal, a tank top, and a blazer. Oversized blazers are a massive trend right now, so you can take advantage of that. If you have to dress up in a more professional manner, menswear is always a good move.

Menswear for women has been around, and it’s a style that will never go away. Trouser pants with an oversized blazer and a little T-shirt or tank top underneath will make you look extremely put together but also allow for you to be comfortable. This type of outfit is also really easy to transition into a cool nighttime look. You’ve got on your slacks and blazer; you can swap out the work-appropriate top for something like a bandeau or a halter top. You still look classy, but now it’s fun.

How would you style a going-out outfit for spring? 

It’s a good time to experiment with dresses. Pants are definitely a comfort zone, but a maxi dress or a maxi skirt is such a great way to dress up and still feel comfortable. You can pair a long skirt with a bandeau or a bra top to show more skin, or you can pair it with a bodysuit which is really flattering for anyone. If you’re looking to take things a step further, you can embrace the Y2K fashion movement we’re seeing right now and try out a mini skirt. Miniskirts with a cute T-shirt and a chunky sneaker makes for an easy look that is still really on trend.

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