Coveted Claws’ Founder on The Nail Trends to Watch

Ashley Harley has her finger on the pulse of what’s in style
Coveted Claws nail trends
Coveted Claws’ founder Ashley Harley says “bling” nail art is always in style. // Photograph courtesy of Coveted Claws

A year after opening her luxury press-on nail company, Ashley Harley is still welcoming success in a post-pandemic world. Harley has her finger directly on the pulse of what’s popular in the nail world, and her Detroit-based online shop Coveted Claws has drawn a loyal customer base for its collections, which includes everything from floral and animal print designs to bright and bejeweled looks. Here, she dishes on the nail trends to watch.

Bling with Your Rings

“Bling really never goes out of style,” Harley says, noting that since starting Coveted Claws in June of 2020, customers have constantly asked for sparkle and embellishment. Her company’s The Birthday Collection delivers just that, featuring show-stopping press-on sets with rhinestones, pearls, and metallic polishes. However, those looking to rock the look more casually can simply do an accent nail or use a glitter polish.

Long and Strong

In terms of length, Harley says that medium to long nails — which provide more space for detailed designs — is where it’s at. “Obviously, girls who work with their hands will opt for shorter nails, but a lot of times those same girls will order a longer set to wear for the weekend.” Press-on nails, like those sold through Coveted Claws, are great for customers who want long nails but struggle with growing their natural nails long. 

Coveted Claws - nail trends
Stiletto nails, pictured above, are among the shapes offered by Coveted Claws. // Photograph courtesy of Coveted Claws

Ballerinas, Stilettos, and Squares. Oh My!

Seen on celebrities like Kylie Jenner, ballerina (or coffin) shaped nails are having a moment in 2021. The long, tapered nail shape mimics a ballerina’s pointe shoes. Another popular option for nail-wearers looking to add even more drama to their look is the stiletto shape, which comes to a sharp point at the top of the nail. Harley shares that she’s also seeing a resurgence in ’90s trends with some customers asking for square-shaped nails. The square style is great for those who keep their natural nails as opposed to acrylics. It’s also easy to file at home and a staple at most nail salons. 

Keeping Things Linear

Nail art has taken over Instagram in 2021. While nail artists are hard at work creating intricate designs like tie-dye and marbling, Harley says linear work is one of the biggest trends of the moment. “Designs are leaning more abstract,” she says. “I’m starting to see more and more people asking for the lines and dots with a mix of different colors.” Partly inspired by this trend, Harley will venture into the world of black-and-white linear designs with Coveted Claws’ pre-fall collection, which she expects to release soon. 

Back to Basics

While Harley sees tons of advanced designs in her line of work, she notes that there is still a respect for traditional nails in colors like pale nudes and classic reds (as seen in Coveted Claws’ The Basics collection). “I think in every collection I release we have at least one set of standard nails,” she adds.   

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