Shinola Unveils Eyewear Inspired by Its Watches and Luxury Wares

These sleek and timeless frames come in a number of colorways
shinola eyewear
Shinola eyewear, $295 each; to join the waitlist. // Photograph courtesy of Shinola

Luxury watches, jewelry, handbags, belts, journals, and even bicycles and turntables are among the upscale wares available from Detroit accessory specialist Shinola. Even still, the appetite of the brand’s enthusiastic customer base seems insatiable. And Shinola is happy to oblige, releasing its debut eyewear line on June 15.

The collection consists of three sunglass styles: the Rambler, the Bixly, and the Mackinac — names Shinola fans might recognize from some of the brand’s legacy products. In addition to their monikers, the frames themselves bare design influences from their namesakes. “We wanted them to have the same aesthetic as our watches and audio products — that signature feel,” says CEO Shannon Washburn. 

A prime example is the Mackinac. Inspired by Shinola’s Runwell watch, this wayfarer-style frame is classic in both shape and style. The Bixby — a rounded style named for the brand’s beach cruiser bicycle — displays vintage details, including a keyhole bridge. The acetate aviator dubbed the Rambler, meanwhile, is bold and sporty. Even miniscule details represent carefully conceived tributes to the brand. Shinola created a signature temple shape and used custom hardware, including riveted barrel hinges, to emulate signature details that appear in its timepieces. 

Each style will be available in a number of colorways, resulting in 15 variations overall. Staying true to the collection’s classic-modernist balance, its color scheme consists of traditional blacks, grays, and tortoises while incorporating the occasional transparent shade as well. A fresh batch of colorways is expected this fall, and a few entirely new silhouettes will be released next spring.

In addition to their sleek and timeless looks, the glasses deliver premium quality. They’re made with plant-based cellulose acetate and feature scratch-resistant lenses with UV 400 protection. The packaging is an innovative, reusable case that folds flat when not in use, allowing for efficient pocket or handbag storage. Plus, along with each pair comes a polishing cloth emblazoned with the signature Shinola lightning bolt. 

“It’s not just about the product itself,” Washburn says. “It’s about delivering a beautiful and complete experience.” 

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