6 Oscar-Nominated Short Films to See at the Detroit Film Theatre

The animation, live action, and documentary works will be presented on the big screen starting Feb. 25

Ahead of the 94th Academy Awards ceremony on March 27, the Detroit Institute of Arts is welcoming ShortsTV’s Oscar Nominated Short Films program back to the Detroit Film Theatre. Presented in their respective categories — animation, live action, and documentary—, the films will be shown on the big screen from Feb. 25 to March 26.

Tickets are $9.50 for general admission and $7.50 for seniors, students, and DIA members. Tickets can be purchased online, and advanced registration is recommended as the DFT is observing social distancing and limited seating due to the pandemic. Visitors must also show a current ID and proof of vaccination at the door.

Here’s a look at some of the short films you can see this year:

ROBIN_ROBIN - - short films
Robin Robin still courtesy of ShortsTV

Robin Robin

This animated musical short — released in late November by the U.K-based Aardman Animations, the studio behind Wallace and Gromit — follows the story of a young bird who is raised by a family of mice burglars. As she grows older and comes out of her shell, she learns that her differences make her a liability to her family. Making it her mission to prove that she can fit in with the rest of the mice, she teams up with a magpie to steal a sparkly Christmas tree topper and ends up discovering who she really is along the way.

The Windshield Wiper

Smoking an entire pack of cigarettes, a man sits at a café and asks himself, “What is love?” Through a series of vignettes, animated short The Windshield Wiper explores the answer to this question. The film is written, directed, and designed by Alberto Mielgo, a Spanish, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker.

Queen of Basketball still courtesy of ShortsTV

The Queen of Basketball

Considered a pioneer of women’s basketball, Lusia Harris is one of the only women to be officially drafted by the NBA. She also scored the first basket in women’s Olympic basketball during the 1976 games. Yet, many people still don’t know about the athlete’s life and legacy. The Queen of Basketball, a New York Times documentary by Academy Award-winning, Canadian filmmaker Ben Proudfoot, tells her story through archival footage and interviews with Harris.


Directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Matt Ogens, Audible is a documentary about Maryland School for the Deaf high school football player Amaree McKenstry, whose team is on a winning streak while simultaneously dealing with loss. The coming-of-age story follows McKenstry and his friends as they near the end of their senior year and contemplate the realities of venturing into the hearing world.

THE_LONG_GOODBYE - short films
The Long Goodbye still courtesy of ShortsTV

The Long Goodbye

This live action, dystopian short is set in Britain and follows an immigrant family who is met by an alt-right march outside their door as they prepare for a wedding celebration. The Long Goodbye stars British actor and rapper Riz Ahmed and was released alongside his album of the same name. The film, which has been described as “a poignant, poetic cry from the heart,” is written by Ahmed and director Aneil Karia.

The Dress

Live action short The Dress introduces viewers to Julia, a woman of short stature who works at a wayside motel in the Polish countryside and is struggling with feelings of loneliness, rejection, and the desire for love. That is until she crosses paths with a handsome trucker. An invite to dinner sets Julia on the search for the perfect dress. The Dress is directed by Polish film student Tadeusz Łysiak.

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