Body Complete Rx Sells Plant-based Supplements to Folks Around the Country

Detroit entrepreneur Samia Gore’s venture is the first Black woman-owned supplement and wellness company to launch at The Vitamin Shoppe
Sami Gore - body complete rx
In 2021, Sami Gore made Inc.’s Female Founders 100 list for her supplement company, Body Complete Rx. // Photograph courtesy of Sami Gore

Samia Gore wasn’t an entrepreneurial shark out for blood — she was just a mom of four who’d lost more than 100 pounds and wanted to share what she’d learned with others. 

As it happened, in 2017, the native Detroiter founded Body Complete Rx, and in August 2021, her venture became the first Black woman-owned supplement and wellness company to launch at The Vitamin Shoppe, in the retailer’s weight management category. Currently, Gore’s products are on shelves at more than 700 locations nationwide. 

During her weight loss journey, Gore says, she discovered that the key to success was not any one product or diet but an overall lifestyle adjustment, which for her includes working out regularly and drinking plenty of water. “That’s something that is really important for me and my brand that we communicate. Our products are aids, and they help you, but they’re not the end-all, be-all,” she says. “The ultimate goal is that we foster and create healthy habits in our lives.” 

With help from certified holistic nutritionist and plant-based advocate Ruby Lathon, Gore first introduced an array of plant-based weight loss supplements — dubbed the Trim line — designed to boost energy, suppress appetite, and speed metabolism. Most recently, the brand debuted its Nourish line of protein powders in several flavors, which boast 20 grams of protein and a proprietary blend of beet root and sweet potato. Beet root is associated with improved blood flow, lower blood pressure, and increased exercise performance, while the antioxidants in sweet potato promote gut health, support healthy vision and brain function, and may even protect against certain cancers. 

It’s clear after just a minute or two on the Body Complete Rx website that what they’re selling is not the bro-y vibe that one might stereotypically associate with supplements and protein powders. This wellness brand is created for women. “My customers look like me,” Gore says. “They’re moms, women ages 25 to 60, typically on a health journey and looking to really just create a better lifestyle for themselves.” Still, and of course, all are welcome.

Nourish Kit Chocolate
Body Complete Rx’s Nourish line of protein powders comes in several flavors, including chocolate. // Photograph courtesy of Nathan Bolster 

Gore earned her master’s in business from Central Michigan University and prior to entrepreneurship spent most of her career working for the federal government in the Department of Veterans Affairs, where she thought she’d eventually retire. “I definitely didn’t foresee this for myself and my life. But I’m a strong faith-based person, and I believe that God puts you in places and spaces that he sees fit for you to be in. So, I’m just embracing it.” Starting out, she didn’t realize how crowded the supplement arena was, but she says it probably served her early confidence well in a sort of “ignorance is bliss” way. 

As she learned more about the industry, Gore noticed that although health food store shelves are chock-full of this powder or that capsule, the space is severely underrepresented. Being able to offer the first Black woman-owned brand in the The Vitamin Shoppe’s protein category meant a lot to her.

“I know that sitting next to me on the shelves are brands that have been there for many, many years now, bringing in many, many dollars. And so I’m grateful to The Vitamin Shoppe for even giving us an opportunity to be there and to expand our brand in that way,” she says. 

For Gore, though, it’s about more than monetary success. “That’s all great, but my personal goal is really to change lives.” She hopes that Body Complete Rx “continues to make our customers feel good, look good, and experience what it’s like to just really live life to the fullest.” 

Find Body Complete Rx at and at The Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide.

This story is from the August 2022 issue of Hour Detroit magazine. Read more in our digital edition.