ObservaMé Strives To Make the Lives of Athletes a Little Easier

The new activewear line offers clothing with easy access to fitness devices and other features
ObservaMe- Women's Hoodie
Women’s Painite Hoodie, from $120, at ObservaMé; observame.net

West side Detroit native Karen D. Fultz-Robinson launched the activewear brand ObservaMé this spring with a mission to provide cool, comfortable performance clothing that allows for easy access to fitness devices while exercising.

The concept for ObservaMé came to the attorney turned fashion designer while on a 15-mile run. Fultz-Robinson — a marathon runner who uses fitness devices to track her progress, pace, heart rate, and distance — noticed how difficult it was to view her watch while wearing long-sleeved activewear. “Why should something seemingly so simple be difficult to access? Athletes or anyone living an active lifestyle shouldn’t have to struggle to view their devices,” she says.

ObservaMé — which means “watch me” in Spanish — offers men’s and women’s clothing that solves this problem. Its designs include long-sleeved shirts, crewnecks, jackets, and hoodies that feature patented compression sleeves with a watch opening so wearers can easily access their fitness tracker — free of obstruction — mid-workout. When ordering a top on the brand’s website, customers can choose which sleeve they’d like the opening to be on.

ObservaMe - Mens Crew Neck Shirt
Men’s Benitoite Crewneck, $65, at at ObservaMé; observame.net

The brand also sells vests, capris, and full-length pants. Keeping athletes in mind, the line’s soft fabrics prevent chafing, while high-quality, dry wick materials keep sweat from pooling. Many pieces also feature phone pockets and fuel pockets. The clothing is available in basic colors like black and white, creative shades like maroon and dark forest, and a high-visibility yellow to provide optimal safety when exercising while it’s dark outside.

Fultz Robinson is an alumnus of Cass Tech High School. She received a degree in International Relations from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. She now lives part-time in Detroit and oversees the production of ObservaMé’s clothing at the company’s headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

“Once I realized that you can have more than one dream career, the world really opened up to me,” Fultz-Robinson says. “As an athlete, I was convinced that healthy living is good for our minds, bodies, and souls. I was determined to answer a need in the athletic apparel space that would fulfill my dream to become a fashion designer/business owner and provide the public with an avenue of style for healthy living.”

For more information, visit observame.net