McClure’s Pickles Pays Tribute to Detroit Artist J Dilla

McClure’s Pickles dropped a campaign to commemorate J Dilla, a Detroit music icon who was lost too soon.
Photograph courtesy of McClures Pickles

In honor of Detroit music legend J Dilla, McClure’s Pickles, which is based in Detroit, is producing a limited edition run of “Dilla Dills” pickles.

The X Dilla Dills campaign dropped on Feb. 7, 2023, which would have been the Detroit producer, drummer, rapper and songwriter’s 49th birthday. The inspiration behind the pickles comes from the McClure family’s love of the greatness that comes from Detroit, their hometown. They saw it fit to commemorate J Dilla as he was an icon in the city, and the music world.

“I love the idea of someone discovering Dilla’s sound through a jar of Dilla’s Dills,” Bob McClure, the co-founder of McClure’s, said in a press release. “It’s one of those unexpectedly wonderful things. Kinda like Detroit and kinda like our pickles.”

For this release, the McClure’s Pickles label was redesigned by the Lafayette American creative agency to showcase J Dilla’s legacy. The new label will have a scannable QR code that leads consumers to a 24/7 J Dilla Spotify Playlist, which features his songs So Far to go, Workinonit, Yesterday, and others. The hidden donut shape and the record-like disk around ‘Dilla Dills’ on the label also pays tribute to J Dilla’s famous album Donuts.

In 2006, J Dilla passed away from a rare form of Lupus, but his memory still lives on through his culture and music. All proceeds from McClure’s Dilla Dills will be donated to Pay Jay Productions, Inc. which was founded by J Dilla in 2001.

“It’s fantastic that McClure’s is honoring J Dilla,” Toby Barlow, the Chief Creative Officer of Lafayette American, said in a press release. “The man was a true genius, so worthy of celebration, not just on his birthday but also during Black History Month.”

McClure’s Dilla Dills are available online for $13.99.

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