Mootz Pizzeria + Bar Shares Their Recipe for a Healthy Dinner Pizza

The Popeye pizza is one of the joint’s most popular orders

This past January, the highly anticipated gourmet-style pie shop Mootz Pizzeria + Bar opened in downtown. The 4,000-square-foot Library Street location was excited enough, but it was the influence of Bruno DiFabio, Guinness World Records’ “world’s fastest pizza maker,” that really put Mootz’s menu on the map.

His mission was to introduce New York pizza to Motown using Biga Mother dough — a low-sugar and -carbohydrate yeast that requires at least 66 hours to make a single batch and to be cooked at 700 degrees Fahrenheit — as his special ingredient. Mootz’s menu of course includes an homage to Detroit pizza.

Their Nutz and Boltz pie is baked in a Detroit-style blue steel pan and features a caramelized crust.

It’s the Popeye pizza though, that’s most popular.

The mozzarella featured in the pie originates from a dairy farm in Brownsville, Wisconsin, that has earned a five-star rating from the National Dairy Council. DiFabio says it’s the best, most flavorful, and most expensive cheese on the market.

And the pie itself, although rich in flavor, is a lower-calorie take. “I love this dish because you don’t feel bad about eating it! The combination of spinach garlic and ricotta, atop of the crisp dough are absolutely satisfying,” says Mootz chef Rubina Kurdian.

The Popeye Pizza Recipe


6 oz. spinach

2 Tbsp. chopped garlic

6 dollops ricotta cheese

4 oz. mozzarella

Pinch kosher salt


Place spinach on stretched out dough and sprinkle with garlic and salt. Add dollops of ricotta and top with shredded mozzarella. Cook to perfection. Garnish with shaved parmesan, grated pecorino, Aleppo chili, and olive oil. Enjoy!

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