Contributors: April 2012


Tom Beaman

After spending more than 30 years in automotive public relations, Beaman shifted gears to become a freelance writer whose work appears in Delta Airlines’ Sky magazine, Ward’s Automotive, and DBusiness, Hour Detroit’s sister publication. Earlier, he worked as a radio reporter/anchor in Columbus, Ohio, and Detroit and has contributed features to NPR’s All Things Considered. In his first story for Hour Detroit, the Rochester Hills-based writer draws on his interests in music and radio to tell the story of Acoustic Café host Rob Reinhart, who brings eclectic music to a global audience. “It’s significant that such an adventurous show is produced not in Nashville or New York or Austin, but right here in Ann Arbor,” Beaman says.


Emell Derra Adolphus

When Adolphus is not exploring the “depths of metro Detroit’s decadence with the young and trendy,” he’s examining the subtleties and nuances of self-expression. “I don’t like to do the same thing,” says Adolphus, a Wayne State University journalism major. Although he also has a minor in Russian language, he claims to not have a particular area of interest. “The very reason I decided to study journalism was so I could keep discovering the world at my own pace, whatever the subject,” he says. Why intern at Hour Detroit? “If you’re going to live in Detroit, Hour  Detroit represents the lifestyle you would want to live.”


Derek Smith

Smith, a student at the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT), has flung himself into the world of design, dabbling in everything from band posters and T-shirts to informational pamphlets and web-page templates. As an Hour Detroit web intern, Smith hopes to broaden his horizons even further within the realm of design. “I’ve been mesmerized by the world of design ever since I can remember,” Smith says. “When the opportunity to work with Hour Detroit became a reality, I had to jump at the chance.” In addition to designing and illustrating, Smith’s interests include painting, listening to music, watching movies, and biking.



Yelena Sukhoterina

In her free time, Sukhoterina likes to explore new festivals, art-gallery openings, and places to eat. The Wayne State University senior started writing a few years ago, contributing arts-and-entertainment stories and a travel blog to the student newspaper, The South End. When she heard about Hour Detroit, she knew it was where she wanted to intern. Each piece she writes teaches her something new, she says. A Russian-American, Sukhoterina has lived in five countries and traveled through seven. She says she wants to continue to travel throughout her life. “This world is amazing,” Sukhoterina says. “I want to explore as much as I can and share the stories with others.”