Contributors: April 2013


Alana Walker

As a sophomore journalism student at Wayne State University and an Hour Detroit editorial intern, Walker has had the opportunity to write about some of the exciting things happening in Detroit. For this issue, she explores Hair Wars. “The hair professionals involved in this show are talented artists,” Walker says. “Just like clay is to a sculptor, hair is their medium. And because of shows like Hair Wars, people are able to see it as such.” A self-proclaimed theater geek, Walker regularly attends local productions and hopes to one day work for Playbill magazine.




Ariel Achatz

Achatz is a senior at Eastern Michigan University double-majoring in journalism and fashion merchandising. She’s always dreamed of working for a magazine — a place where her reading addiction would be a positive attribute. “I read a lot, so I learn the weirdest facts,” she says. “And, as a journalist, you have to know a little bit about a lot of things.” As a Michigan native, her other goal is to write positive stories about Detroit, such as her piece on a planned shipping-container hotel. “Detroit is becoming synonymous with change, and that makes me proud to have my Michigan accent. I really am smitten with the mitten.”

Rachelle Hadley

Hadley is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in international studies with a minor in German. She’s a Motor City native, former intern for the Canadian Parliament, craft-beer buff, Polynesian dancer, and now an editorial intern for Hour Detroit. She suffers from extreme, chronic wanderlust, and also (perhaps even more severely) learning-lust. “I want to learn all the things,” she says. From writing about self-healing concrete and cold-pressed raw juice, Hadley is well on her way.