Contributors: December 2011

Tom Murray, Amanda Meade, Audrey LaForest, Ingrid Sjostrand

Tom Murray

Murray, a first-time contributor to Hour Detroit, covered the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders during his days as a TV sportscaster, so the territory was familiar for his story on Jason Hanson, the Lions place-kicker (page 44). Murray follows all sports (he’s particularly passionate about hockey) but his most current project has nothing to with games or the people who play them. He wrote, produced, and directed the documentary film Dad’s in Heaven With Nixon, which focuses on the topic of autism, in particular his younger brother Chris. “He’s defined as being handicapped by all of us so-called ‘normal’ people,” Murray says. “But in so many ways, I’ve learned a lot more from him than he’ll ever learn from me.”



Amanda Meade

Music has played an important role in Meade’s life, but because she lacks the skills and patience required to create music, she writes about bands, interviews them, and designs T-shirts, logos, and concert fliers for them. As an intern at Hour Detroit, the Oakland University senior has been able to combine her interests in writing and designing while gaining experience in online media. “There are so many opportunities to be innovative in this industry,” she says, “and I’m excited to be a part of that.”




Audrey LaForest

Standing at just 5 feet, LaForest is what some may call “travel size,” but her curiosity is larger than her petite frame. LaForest, who expects to graduate from Wayne State University next year with a degree in fashion design and journalism, believes in communication through fashion. “Fashion is an idea, an art form, and a way of life,” she says. She says her Hour Detroit internship feeds her curiosity every month with each issue’s fresh perspective on metro Detroit.





Ingrid Sjostrand

Sjostrand realized her love for writing and an affection for the glossy pages of magazines during her sophomore year at Grand Valley State University. She changed her major and graduated last August with a bachelor’s of science in journalism. After interning at newspapers, an additional internship at Hour Detroit “taught me about a whole different world of journalism and has given me the opportunity to write about topics I love,” Sjostrand says. In addition to writing, her interests include running, fashion, and an overwhelming desire for a puppy.