Contributors: February 2015

Serena Maria Daniels

A trip to Mexico City last summer led Serena Maria Daniels to visit La Casa Azul, the estate and museum of Frida Kahlo, in the Colonia del Carmen neighborhood of Coyoacán. This inspired her to research the iconic female artist’s time in Detroit. “I think like a lot of women, I’ve always felt a connection to Frida,” she says. “Walking the halls of her home, I heard conversations of other guests, speaking all sorts of different languages. It got me thinking, Frida never would have found her voice as an artist — and gone on to have such a following — had she not come to Detroit with Diego Rivera.” Through her research Daniels spoke to Kahlo fans all over the world. When she’s not globetrotting, Daniels works as a freelance journalist unearthing Detroit’s rich history and resurgence.

George Bulanda

George Bulanda believes the function of journalism shouldn’t be only to write about newsmakers today, but also to recall those who’ve been neglected or forgotten. So he relished writing about 1932 Olympic gold medalist Eddie Tolan. “He made international news, but his glory was as brief as a nova,” Bulanda says. An opera buff whose reviews appear in The Detroit News and Opera Canada, he also writes about the Detroit premiere of Frida. “In August, I heard an excerpt sung by Catalina Cuervo, who sings the title role. She was intense and fiery, just like Frida Kahlo,” he says. For The Way It Was, Bulanda focuses on Nelson Mandela’s 1990 visit. “Detroit drenched him with affection, and he left many with indelible memories,” he says.

EE Berger

EE Berger graduated from CCS in Detroit but soon afterward got the itch to give another city a try for a while. Five years in Brooklyn solved that and also made her feel that there was really no better place to pursue her career than back home in Detroit. She and her boyfriend packed up their life and two cats, and transplanted back home into the Woodbridge neighborhood where they’re constantly learning about the quickly evolving city. When she’s not shooting, she’s daydreaming of camping and swimming weather and scheming for future travel.

Casey Nesterowich

While prepping for the February issue of Hour Detroit, Associate Editor Casey Nesterowich unofficially acquired the label, “Queen of Multitasking.” This month’s A-List allowed her to bring some of her biggest passions together — writing, styling, and home furnishings — in one package. And as a side dish, she’s been editing recipes nonstop for Hour Detroit’s first cookbook — based on the “Savor Detroit” dinner events — set to come out in April. (Not to mention working on another Hour publication, the 2015 Metropolitan Detroit Guest & Resource Guide). When she’s not tackling editorial assignments you can catch her working at Bistro 82, or enjoying a glass of wine at her new favorite spot, Selden Standard.

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