Contributors: Health Guide 2018


Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller is an Hour Detroit editorial intern, and the arts and entertainment editor at the Wayne State University paper, The South End. His exposure to a variety of music and movies at a young age has influenced Miller’s goal as a journalist to expose readers to a wide range of art forms. In “Singin’ in Remission”, Miller interviews former American Idol contestant Manny Torres on his battle with testicular cancer. Outside of writing, Miller serves coffee to the masses at the popular downtown coffee shop Roasting Plant. In his free time, he enjoys writing poetry, which he shares on social media (@ryanmpoems), and likes to challenge himself with the latest in literature and Netflix programming.

Alexa Stanard

In “Smiles with Special Needs”, Alexa Stanard interviewed dentists who serve patients with developmental disabilities. Stanard, a longtime Hour Detroit contributor, says the story combined her favorite elements for reporting a piece: the opportunity to learn something new and the chance to talk to people who are passionate about serving their community. “It was disheartening to realize that dental care is so hard for patients with special needs; those individuals — and their caregivers — face enough challenges as it is,” she says. “But it also was exciting to see the innovative and committed work of the dentists who are working to change that, and the support they’re getting from donors who want to help.”

Bre’Ann White

Traveling fashion and commercial photographer Bre’Ann White is based in Detroit’s North End and a member of the creative collective, The Whlgn. With eight years of photography experience, White is well traveled, having created timeless images that are seen around the world. Born with “Detroit hustle,” she has added brand marketing to her skill set, helping businesses create captivating visual content. That’s how she began working with pal Adria Moses, who she photographed for our cover story, “Warrior Strong”.

Elizabeth Swanson

Elizabeth Swanson is a freelance writer living in Detroit. She spent 10 years in New York City, most recently acting as the beauty editor for Brides magazine. She also previously worked at InStyle and Teen Vogue magazines. Swanson puts her beauty chops to use in an exploration of scent-free policies in the workforce in “Don’t Spritz — It’s the Law”. Swanson is a voracious reader and can most likely be found writing and drinking tea at her favorite West Village cafe, La Bohéme, or getting lost for hours upon hours at John K. King Books.

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