Contributors: January 2012

George Bullard, Alexa Stanard, Chris Arace

George Bullard

Like most people, Bullard doesn’t devote much thought to how electricity gets to outlets. It’s just there by the grace of power companies. But the new crop of electric cars poses challenges, including: How to recharge lots of big batteries at home and on the road? Solutions are already in the pipeline, and Michigan is a player in the push for clean energy. As a former reporter and editor for The Detroit News, Bullard covered stories ranging from government scandals to papal funerals. He also did turns as TV critic and columnist for The News, to which he now contributes a daily blog from his home in Nebraska.

Alexa Stanard

Stanard, an Oak Park-based freelance writer and frequent Hour Detroit contributor, who became a mother in July, says writing stories on grass-fed beef and on local lifestyle arbiter Joe Posch offered personal payoffs. “I’m even more concerned now with leading a healthful lifestyle, so I appreciated learning about the benefits of going grass-fed — especially since my fiancé is a red-meat enthusiast,” Stanard says. “And having an excuse to talk style and interior design with someone as knowledgeable — and wickedly funny — as Joe was an enjoyable change of pace. I love being a mother and my baby is delightful, but he doesn’t yet offer much in the way of witty one-liners.”


Chris Arace

A graphic-design graduate of the College for Creative Studies, Arace spent 10 years working as a designer and art director in Detroit. When his father bought the family a digital single-lens reflex camera for Christmas in 2007, Arace quickly took to it and the freedom and limitless creativity it offered for showcasing the world. “Working on assignment with diverse people is a joy,” he says. In this issue, he photographed the Birmingham bakery Le Petit Prince. “Looking through the lens, providing an intimate point of view into the lives and unique qualities each person has, reminds me of how blessed we all are to have one another.” When not contributing to Hour Detroit, Arace shoots for various local ad agencies, works for the Pure Michigan campaign (often on location), and lends his own perspective and style to weddings worldwide.

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