Contributors: January 2013


Megan Swoyer

Writing this issue’s feature on the Corvette’s 60th birthday was a trip down memory lane for Troy-based freelance writer/editor Swoyer. “My dad owned Corvettes as far back as I can remember,” says Swoyer, whose father was general manager of  A.C. Spark Plug, a division of General Motors. “He loved those American beauties — both the design and performance of all the various generations.” A few of her best Corvette memories don’t include Dad, though. “We weren’t allowed to drive them, so a few times my best friend or one of my brothers and I would take his ’Vette out for a cruise when the parents weren’t home. Neighbors now talk about the times they saw us but didn’t tell. Talk about great neighbors!”



Alexa Stanard

Frequent contributor Stanard has never met a treadmill that she liked, and her one attempt at using an elliptical machine left her baffled. So she’s impressed by the discipline of those who exercise at home. Her story on home-exercise equipment reminded her that home fitness doesn’t have to come from a machine, however. “During my pregnancy in 2011, my fitness ball was just about my best friend,” says the Oak Park-based freelance writer. “Now I have a toddler with a low tolerance for downtime, so the ball and I are getting reacquainted. It was good to learn how much it can do for one’s body.”



Julie Teninbaum

Teninbaum comes from a family of foodies. “My father makes jelly from grapes he grows, and honey from bees he keeps. He also smokes his own salmon, and makes his own yogurt, weekly,” says the New York-based illustrator and graphic designer. “My brother grafts fig trees. My mom makes her own salt from seawater, and grows citrus trees. Our family has a secret family recipe file.” It’s fitting, then, that Teninbaum illustrated this issue’s story on food trends for her first contribution to Hour Detroit. And, as an ovo-lacto-pescetarian for 20 years, she is something of a trendsetter among a growing coterie of specialty-diet followers.