Contributors: January 2014

Jenny Risher, Dorothy Hernandez, Casey Nesterowich, Ben Curry

Jenny Risher

Hour Art Director Cassidy Zobl and Jenny Risher began concepting the “American Classics” fashion feature (page 66) over the past summer. “It’s nice to finally see our vision come to life,” she says. “The shoot was flawless, thanks to our great crew of photo assistants Matt LeVere and Derek Smith, hair by 
Melanie Vaiasicca, William Corfield, Melissa Vercruysse (all from Nude the Salon), makeup by Gjysta Nuculaj, and styling by Aleene Jinn George. And there’s no way we could have pulled this off without the team from Joe Polito’s Woodward Warehouse. Eight car changes in seven hours — it was a miracle! I’m pretty proud of what we accomplished. It’s our fashion tribute to the Motor City … and nothing says “Detroit” more than the majesty of the American classic car.” Risher is the author of Heart Soul Detroit, a book featuring the portraits and words of 50 iconic Detroiters.

Dorothy Hernandez

For “Healthy Choices,” Hour Detroit Copy Editor Dorothy Hernandez wanted to highlight some of the many initiatives — and the people behind them — going on in Detroit aimed at helping build a healthier community (page 45). Lenora, a woman she talked to for this story, said her food assistance benefit was taking a hit (a $13 cut, which makes a difference when the nearest store sells tomatoes for $1.50 each). As a former coordinator for nutrition program Cooking Matters Michigan, Hernandez met a lot of people like Lenora who faced economic difficulty in eating healthier but still made it a priority. There are challenges and barriers, so that’s why the work of these advocates is so important. What really struck her was the passion behind their work; personal experiences were a driving force for many of them. “Everyone wants good food, and these Detroit advocates are working toward that goal,” Hernandez says.

Casey Nesterowich

Driving to the gym at 6 p.m. one night and unable to find a parking spot, Casey Nesterowich got an idea for her “Rethinking Resolutions” article (page 33). The Hour Detroit associate editor uncovered some of the most interesting workouts in town and realized how quickly the fitness industry evolves. “All the business owners I talked to had something in common, either they had opened within the past year, or were expanding in size,” Nesterowich says. The experience opened her eyes to the most effective workouts she’s ever tried — the days of her waiting for a treadmill are over. “I have a new love for boxing, and realized that if I’m going to take the time to work out it should be enjoyable.”

Ben Curry

Ben Curry is a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University who loved spending his undergraduate career studying creative writing and eating Maryland’s crab cakes. Now he’s back in his home state lending his skills to Hour Detroit as an editorial intern. Curry interviewed Detroit high school students making a mark on the national debate scene (page 41). “I didn’t know how demanding debate was until I talked to these students,” says Curry, whose high school extracurricular activity of choice was the theater. “Debate really deserves as much recognition as sports.” Curry plans to stay in Detroit and concentrate on his writing career, wherever that may lead. For now, he’s still enjoying Hour Detroit‘s bottomless coffee.