Contributors: July 2013

Casey Nesterowich, Craig Fahle, Michael Shafer, Cybelle Codish

Casey Nesterowich

A self-proclaimed foodie, dog lover, and fashion fanatic, Casey Nesterowich joins Hour Detroit as our new Associate Editor. The Cranbrook Kingswood grad (2007) earned her bachelor’s in journalism from Michigan State in 2011. Prior to joining Hour, she was an editor at BNP Media and could even be found behind the counter at Hunter House Hamburgers in Birmingham to make ends “meat.” Now with the chance to write about food and fashion, Nesterowich is thrilled to be here. “Landing this job starts a new chapter for me,” she says. “This is something I’ve worked toward since being an intern.” She likes heading up to Harbor Springs to play golf, enjoy local wines, and spend time with family on the beach. At home, she enjoys city dining, Saturday sojourns to Eastern Market, and playing with her puppy, Bentley Jackson.

Craig Fahle

The host of “The Craig Fahle Show” on WDET-FM 101.9 has been a subject in Hour Detroit before (“Talking the Talk,” April 2013 and as the winner of this year’s “Best of Detroit: Local Talk-Radio Host,” June 2013). But this is his first time as a contributor. So we thought the upcoming Detroit mayoral election would be a good way to break him in. He decided to use every horse race cliché in the book. “Politicians and ponies share way more than we might realize,” he writes. “Candidates and horses are both judged on things like bloodlines, pedigrees, physical stature — even their teeth.” Fahle sat down with WDET news director Jerome Vaughn and WDET morning host Pat Batcheller to handicap the race. See what they came up with on page 40.

Michael Schafer

Michael Schafer, a.k.a. “The Wine Counselor,” is a native Detroiter who writes, conducts seminars, and teaches about food, wine, travel, and adult beverages. He wrote our ode to Detroit-style pizza (page 66). The Certified Specialist of Wine takes a humorous and fun approach to the culinary arts, as reflected in his trademark phrase, “I taste bad wine so you don’t have to.” As a wine instructor at several international culinary schools, Schafer has also contributed to Hour Detroit’s Menu Guide, Michigan Wine Country, and Edible Grande Traverse. He writes a monthly column for the Midwest Wine Press, the Michigan Chefs de Cuisine, and the Windy City Chefs.

Cybelle Codish

Detroit-based photographer Cybelle Codish prefers to surround herself with mountains of deliciousness, as she did for this month’s picnic spread. “Food is one of my favorite subjects because it’s the only time you’re allowed to eat your subject. Legally,” she says. “Thankfully, the trend now in food photography is about the accessibility of dishes. We don’t have to worry about the sprays and shellacs. They leave a wicked aftertaste anyway.” For this assignment, Codish spent an afternoon in the park, nibbling on cheeses and frolicking barefoot. When she’s not tasting or photographing wonderful dishes, she can be found traveling extensively for editorial and music industry-based assignments, or at home taking photos of her bulldog-turned-model, Johnnie Cash Money.