Contributors: July 2017


EE Berger

EE Berger has been working as a full time freelance photographer for almost three years since moving back home from NYC. She has turned her focus on mostly food and lifestyle and almost always shoots with natural light, which made this month’s entertaining story the perfect combination. She also loves shooting the beauty of Michigan, and her favorite summer pastime is swimming, so she was immediately on board for a beach shoot. Berger’s clients range from Pure Michigan to Bon Appetit, and she is currently photographing a cookbook for Sister Pie, due out in Fall 2018. When not photographing food, she and her husband are working on a historic home on Detroit’s East Side and sharing their progress on Instagram.

Lou Blouin

Hour Detroit’s new Associate Editor Lou Blouin worked in public radio for more than a decade before figuring out he wanted to be a writer. But the experience taught him that what makes most stories worth telling is the people who tell them. A naturally curious person, Blouin has written about scientists doing cutting-edge research; profiled reluctant reality TV stars; and wrestled with how to relay stories about race in America with honesty, integrity, and humor. He looks forward to bringing his knack for bumping into interesting people to the pages of Hour Detroit.

Stephanie Potts

Stephanie Potts is a Detroit-based freelance prop and wardrobe stylist. She lived and worked in Chicago, San Francisco, and San Diego before returning to her roots. “Detroit offers such a fun mix of projects right now due to the nature of creative progress occurring in the city,” she says. The beach entertaining story ranks high as an all-time favorite because, “first, Emily Berger … and second, who doesn’t want to make a beach canopy and play by a bonfire at sunset for their work?”

Makenzie Schroeder

Makenzie Schroeder is a Flint native attending the University of Michigan-Flint as a sophomore, majoring in communication with a focus in media and minoring in political science. In addition to being an Hour Detroit editorial intern, Schroeder is a freelance writer for Flintside magazine and serves as the editor-in-chief for The Michigan Times, UM-Flint’s student newsmagazine. With a love for the city she grew up in, she is dedicated to her passion and drive of covering everything in Flint — from good to bad and everything in between. Schroeder hopes that, during her time at Hour Detroit, she will be able to grow and dive into the history, culture, developments, and issues swirling around Detroit, a city not so far from home.