Contributors: June 2016


Jennifer Choi

A former intern from Hour Media’s Custom Publishing division, Jennifer Choi who earned her bachelor’s in illustration and graphic design joins Hour Detroit as our new associate art director. Prior to joining Hour Media, she was an associate designer for Car and Driver magazine. She grew up loving to draw and making things by hand that led to her slight obsession with small origami cranes. To date, she has folded over 20,000 cranes. Choi also enjoys going out to eat, attending sporting events, and spending time with family and friends. She is looking forward to the new adventure at Hour Detroit.

Lexi Trimpe

There are few things Lexi Trimpe likes more than coffee —one of those things just happens to be cats. Lucky for her, she got to enjoy a bit of both for the story on the Ferndale Catfe Lounge. These types of unique stories are why this recent Wayne State University graduate has no plans to leave the city anytime soon. “There’s no where else quite like Detroit,” she says. “Between the history, culture, and people, there’s always a story waiting to happen.”


Jon Stich

California-based artist Jon Stich has done monthly paintings for the “An Hour With…” department since its January debut. “I have been creating pictures since I was 9 years old, when my father took me to a Red Lobster and I scrawled all over the menu,” he says. The freelance illustrator also teaches art courses at California College of the Arts and the University of California at Berkeley. “Most of the work I do is portrait-based,” he adds. “I love depicting people who strive to make a positive impact on Detroit’s future, and so I try to keep the portraits realistic, but also colorful and expressive.”

Roy Ritchie

Can you make this building look like a 1980s-era prom site? No problem. This is photographer Roy Ritchie’s seventh consecutive “Best of Detroit” feature. In the past, he’s recreated a circus and a boxing ring, and also coached Hour Detroit readers on how to act like rock stars, superheroes, and fairy tale characters. “The ’80s were an interesting time — it’s fun to see the crazy colors and styles that were so popular, and how the stereotypes carry across decades,” he notes. “And I still can’t believe that the ’80s hair bands actually looked like that — even though I remember it. Good times.” Ritchie has also done commercial and editorial work for Time, Bloomberg, Bon Appétit, and ESPN The Magazine.