Contributors: May 2013


Julie Edgar

You can’t truly appreciate what’s in front of you until you’re willing to see it with fresh eyes, the way an outsider might. That was the case when Edgar set out to report on Michigan’s thriving tourism industry. Like a lot of natives, she stubbornly does the 75-to-68-to-31 trek year after year. And yet, how many undiscovered trails to hike, homegrown wines and brews to sample, and festivals to visit that are not up north! Edgar, a freelance writer/editor and mother of two boys, plans to act like a tourist this summer, driving the Sunrise Coast, checking out a shipwreck or two, and intrepidly crossing the Mackinac Bridge to get to the other peninsula. Gotta get going.

Wendsdy Von Buskirk

For this issue of Hour Detroit, award-winning journalist Von Buskirk interviews Detroit native Christos Garkinos about his Bravo show, Dukes of Melrose. No stranger to reality TV herself, Von Buskirk appeared with her band, the Mydols, in an episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels shot on location in Detroit. In the show, the band attends a KISS concert at Cobo, performs at Majestic Café, and tries to convince Simmons to sign the Mydols to his record label. “As you can see, I didn’t quit my day job,” Von Buskirk says.



Jason Walton

Walton, a freelance illustrator from Portland, Ore., pulled an all-nighter to complete the illustrations and lettering for the feature “Ebb & Flow.” Although the story is about water, elements like water bottles and faucets could have been a bit dry, and that’s where Walton’s style helped infuse more visual life into the tale. Before making the leap to full-time freelancing, Walton was a bike messenger for eight years. “There comes a time when you just need to grow up and draw cartoons for a living,” he says.

Annabel Cohen

Cohen grew up in a lake home in Oakland County. As a teen, she would break out her handy K-Mart fishing rod and cast her line, only to catch and release the mostly small bass she found at the end of her hook. Now, as a caterer and food and travel writer, Cohen has roasted, broiled, sautéed, grilled, and stewed what seems like entire schools of fish from around the globe. Though she hasn’t reeled in a catch in a good long while, she’s fascinated with all things Michigan ­— eating, discovering, and writing about her home state.