Contributors: November 2010


Cybelle Codish

“To me there’s nothing cooler than hanging out with a chef in his or her home and watching them cook,” says Codish, a frequent contributor to Hour Detroit. It’s kind of like getting a glimpse behind the curtain.” She got to do that for this month’s feature on Thanksgiving side dishes. For the shoot, “both chefs used seasonal and local ingredients. Greg Upshur’s were as local as his backyard, which is so interesting to me,” she says. Codish’s other freelance includes a project titled In Transit, which involved musician/composer Sean Blackman bringing dancers and musicians from all over the world to Detroit to collaborate for an event at Orchestra Hall.


George Bullard

Bullard, a former Wyandotte resident, caught up with his old hometown to check out its move into geothermal energy. As it turns out, the Downriver suburb is on the cutting edge, creating a utility to heat and cool homes from the Earth’s natural store of energy. “Once you understand geothermal, deciding to tap into it seems a smart move,” Bullard says. “For all practical purposes, the supply of energy is inexhaustible and not too far below the surface.” Nationally, geothermal is a growing sector of the heating-and-cooling industry. As a former reporter and editor for The Detroit News, Bullard covered stories ranging from local government scandals to papal funerals. He was also a TV critic and now contributes a daily blog.


Joe Vaughn

This is the third time that Vaughn has photographed Hour Detroit’s Best Dressed list. Each year, the honorees come from “different walks of life,” he says, noting that they share a confidence that “brings their style together.” This year, Vaughn traveled to the subjects’ home turf to shoot their portraits, which lent an added dimension — the contrast of Dwele’s tailored suit with this Detroit studio, for example. What did he take away from the assignment? The importance of being “comfortable and [having] confidence.” I see “people wearing expensive [items], but when they work the room, they look uncomfortable,” he says. Vaughn has recently done work for Sports Illustrated, Time, HBO, Gourmet, and The Times of London.


Chuck Bennett

As early as middle school, Bennett was laying out his clothes the night before. And these outfits were way beyond white-shirt and navy-pant hookups. Of course, it was the 1960s, which meant fashion was a little more liberated, so his wardrobe repertoire included headbands and fringed vests. For Bennett, a frequent Hour Detroit contributor, Detroit News society columnist, and keen style observer, it was all about personality and expressing yourself through fashion. For the 2010 Best Dressed list, Bennett named 11 prominent metro Detroiters who express themselves through their wardrobes — and who wear it well.