Contributors: November 2011

Sarah F. Cox, Chuck Bennett, Jesse Lefkowitz, Joe Vaughn

Sarah F. Cox  

Earlier this year, Cox moved to Detroit from Brooklyn — just in time to catch the late-summer pop-up craze and the fall opening of Tashmoo, a temporary biergarten (page 34). Her moving process entailed three trips in a borrowed Chrysler owned by her grandpa, which brought her to settle (for the time being) in Hamtramck. Since arriving, Cox has written for various metro Detroit media outlets and launched the real-estate blog Curbed Detroit. She has not, however, found the time to learn the game of cornhole that’s so popular with her newfound contemporaries. Cox began writing about Detroit for her thesis program and received a master of fine arts in design criticism from New York’s School of Visual Arts last May. She still does not own a car.

Chuck Bennett

Bennett has carved himself a comfortable niche as a metro Detroit style maven. Often called upon for matters of fashion — from wardrobe consulting to special-event planning — he also writes local society and gossip columns and is a commissioner of entertainment for the City of Detroit. Attending approximately 200 events a year, Bennett is in a unique position to observe and rate fashionable Detroiters in their finest moments. After consulting various trusted observers of the local scene, he selected Hour Detroit’s 2011 class of best-dressed denizens (page 76).



Jesse Lefkowitz

A first-time illustrator for Hour Detroit, Lefkowitz is no stranger to the publishing field. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Runner’s World, and The New York Times. Lefkowitz, who received his bachelor of fine arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design, lives in Berkeley, Calif. This month, he illustrates a story on gender and the sense of taste (page 58). “I wanted to contrast men and women’s food preferences and also to contrast men and women in general,” he says. “It’s no accident that the man’s fork handle is sturdy and straight, while the woman’s spoon is more gently curved.”




Joe Vaughn

Vaughn (second from rear right), a regular contributor to Hour Detroit, photographed the 2011 Best Dressed portraits starting on page 76. “Everyone [had] a different style and personality,” Vaughn says. “Some are flashy, while others are more conservative. But it really works when there’s contrast with a person’s fashion and their actions,” he says, referring to Bob Benkhert, a traditional dresser who started dancing during his session. Amp Fiddler, one of Vaughn’s personal favorites, “took the shoot to a new level,” he says. “It felt more like a fashion shoot than a portrait shoot.” Vaughn’s other freelance work includes photography for Fast Company, Time, Food & Wine, Wine Spectator, and Essence.