Contributors: November 2014


Dorothy Hernandez

Last year, Dorothy Hernandez went to a pop-up dinner by Komodo Kitchen, the extremely popular Indonesian supper club. While the food was delicious, what really stuck out was the complete experience, down to the detailed tablescapes, candles, and music. “I thought it would be a really cool dinner to recreate at home,” says Hernandez, who is Hour Detroit’s copy editor. The dinner was one of the inspirations for “Stylish Spreads” — which also features ideas from Cuisine’s and The Stand’s Paul Grosz, vegan chef Rhoda St. Luce, and Republic’s Kate Williams. Hernandez also got to catch these culinarians in action while serving as “photographer’s assistant” (pictured here helping with lighting).

Monica Mercer

While researching the story of slain WSU professor Philip Traci, Monica Mercer started thinking about her own college experience and the teachers who impacted her the most. “Traci’s gift was to get kids to care about Shakespeare,” Mercer says. “Unfortunately that never happened for me while getting my degree in English literature, but I did have a women’s studies professor who managed to get me hooked on Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. It’s still my favorite book of all time.” Mercer is a freelance journalist and a former associate editor of Hour Detroit magazine.

Cybelle Codish

For this month’s entertaining story, Detroit-based photographer Cybelle Codish was truly in her element. “This project brought all the best anyone could wish for: beautiful settings, great light, phenomenal chefs, and a team that went above and beyond. It didn’t hurt that the whole experience was punctuated by tastings from some of metro Detroit’s best chefs.” When Codish isn’t licking her fingers between shots, she can be found traveling for assignments or capturing the daily antics of her handsome sidekick, Johnny Cash Money — one ham of a bulldog.

Stephanie Potts

Stephanie Potts is a metro Detroit-based prop and wardrobe stylist. Recently she has done styling work for Crate & Barrel, Chevrolet, and Cadillac and is working on a cookbook collaboration. She enjoyed the pleasures of tasting the food while propping this month’s entertaining feature. Another reason to like the assignment was the ease of the commute — it was shot in her 1920s Birmingham residence.