Contributors: October 2009


Devin Scillian

WDIV-TV’s well-traveled anchor is spending more and more vacation time inside the state. “Mile for mile,” Scillian says, “there aren’t too many places that can compete with the beauty of Michigan.” He first learned about Michigan’s Thumb region while taking his daughters to summer camp in Croswell, just a stone’s throw from Lake Huron. “We were like a lot of Detroiters,” he says. “Up North meant anything up I-75. But we’ve since discovered a whole new piece of Michigan to love.” This month, on page 51, he profiles the efforts of an entrepreneur who’s ignoring the recession and, in doing so, creating real change in the Lake Huron beach town of Lexington.

Giovanna Costantini

In doing her story on Ken Katz’s Museum and Conservation Services (page 67), Costantini says she viewed Katz’s studio in Midtown Detroit “as an artwork-in-progress. His presence there testifies to the value of beautiful objects and the skill and dedication required to preserve and appreciate them over time.” Costantini’s articles and reviews on art and artists have appeared in publications throughout the world. Her curatorial activity and professional appointments in modern and contemporary art have included the State University of New York, the University of Michigan, and the College for Creative Studies.

Joe Vaughn

Vaughn’s food photography regularly appears in the pages of Hour Detroit. This month, in addition to snapping appetizing pictures, he captured the cover image and photographed portraits to accompany personal-health stories (page 86). “I spent about 40 minutes talking to each person before we started the session,” he says. “Their outlooks on life keep your own in perspective. They were great to work with — even the wild card of shooting a dog.” Vaughn has been busy on other projects, including a documentary about the city and a shoot for Gourmet magazine.

Justin Bailie

First-time contributor Bailie is well-known for his work as an adventure, lifestyle, travel, and environmental photographer. His photographs have appeared in National Geographic Adventurer, Men’s Journal, Travel + Leisure, and Forbes Life Mountain Time. His images of a river rafting vacation appear on page 105. “I think if I had done a river trip when I was young, I would have ended up a river guide for at least a while,” he says. “I love the lifestyle and the people.” Bailie says he hopes his images “make people want to be there [to] feel some of the amazingly visceral experiences.”