Honoring Other Hometown Heroes

Letter from the Editor

By the time this issue hits the newsstands, we’ll know if the Tigers are still in the World Series hunt. The Lions will be several games into a new season. The Red Wings will be getting ready to drop the puck. And late in October, the Pistons will start a new campaign.

Sports stars fascinate us in this town. And witnessing Miguel Cabrera battle injuries as he stalks another MVP/Triple Crown this season has been rather heroic. But while we’re hoping the Tigers play well into October, perhaps we should take some time to consider other heroes in our midst.

We’re proud to publish our annual “Top Docs” issue — one that honors some of the other heroes in this town. Too often, we don’t realize just how important police and fire personnel really are — until there’s a crisis, that is. Likewise, health-care professionals don’t always come to the top of the “hero” list — unless you or a loved one are faced with a medical emergency.

But as you look over the list of those who have been voted by their peers to our Top Docs list (page 111), think about people you may have come across in the health-care field. The surgeon who successfully mended a child’s heart. The emergency-room doctor who made your kid smile while getting stitches. Or the compassionate nursing-home attendant who dealt with an aging relative’s dementia. They’re true heroes.

We’ve also included stories on important medical topics — from why you might want to be a hero through becoming an organ donor (page 114). Or how diabetes affects Michigan (page 130). We also look at some soon-to-be doctors from the Wayne State University School of Medicine who work at the Robert R. Frank Student Run Free Clinic (page 120).

No matter the playing field — whether it’s sports, medicine, or business — paying attention to details matters. We profile Dan Akerson to learn how the CEO has been steering the big ship GM out of bankruptcy’s troubled waters (page 157). We also show how a couple gave their home a thoroughly modern renovation that doesn’t change the character of their Ferndale neighborhood (page 140).

Speaking of Ferndale, check out our story about Torino (page 93). They’re taking the unique approach of offering a limited, but ambitious, dinner menu. The “chef’s tasting” formula has launched restaurants to the top of reviewers’ lists in major cities around the world.


P.S. A Few Small Repairs

Yes, we actually do pay attention to constructive criticism from our readers. So starting with this issue, we’ve reinstated the expanded listing of Arts and Entertainment (See page 184). While we continually try to improve Hour Detroit, we realize that sometimes you shouldn’t mess with tradition.

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