Letters from Readers: January 2013

WE’VE GOT MAIL… Praise us or pan us, but just put it down in words. Bravos or boos, we want to hear from you.

Set to Music

I wanted to comment on your article “Working Wonders” [September 2012]. I am a very fit, energetic, and positive 55-year-old, but a few months ago I found my stress level, energy, and attitude taking a negative dip, which concerned me. I took a close look at my normal routine and came to the conclusion that I was letting external forces affect me more than normal. So I put a weight machine in my basement, and while working out, I started listening to music from my later college years that I really enjoyed. I noticed the intensity of my workouts improving dramatically, and I also filled my iPod with the same music for runs/walks/car travel. I simply can’t believe the difference it has made, and my energy and stress levels are back in balance. I also feel so much younger than I did a few months ago. I thought it was incredibly ironic when I read your article yesterday. Just wanted to let you know it was a great read and certainly appears to be very accurate. I love your magazine and think you’re doing fabulous work.

— Randy Miller, Clarkston


Pump Up the Volumes

I am a writer, book lover, and advocate of literacy and reading as a way to connect with people. I was so inspired by your article on The Little Free Library (LFL) [September 2012] that I had to have one. I spent a month building and decorating with the help of numerous friends and I am happy to report the LFL is up and running. Thank you for the inspiration.

— Jeanne Tepper, West Bloomfield


Seeing Clearly

My sister has macular degeneration and she sees plaids and flags, among other things. My friend, who is also a longtime age-related macular degeneration (AMD) victim, saw an apartment building across the street from where she lived for decades. She knew it wasn’t there, but there were people in balconies and everything. The doctor never told either one about Charles Bonnet Syndrome [“Sight Seeing,” November 2012]. Each thought they were going crazy before they found out what was going on. I was surprised to get this article in my Google news alert on AMD. It’s good to get the message out. Thank you.

— Linda Sue Johnson, via Facebook

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