Letters From Readers: November 2011


Dashing Fashion

The styling in [“Dots With Dash,” September 2011] was perfect, and the photography wonderful. That cover, breathtakingly beautiful. The model was superior. Thanks for making me look so good, too.

— Gena Conti, Conti Custom Millinery, Wyandotte



Industrial Art

I wish to extend an expression of gratitude for [“Eye of the Beholder,” September 2011]. Only a couple of days after the magazine was released, I noticed a spike in traffic on my website and received recognition while on display at the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale. A special thanks to photographer David Lewinski for the spectacular pictures. And, after giving what I thought was the worst interview I’ve ever given — tongue-tied and at a loss for words — somehow, Rebecca Powers was able to unscramble my fragmented answers and write a story that a simple thank you does not suffice. However, I will repeat it to confirm the sincerity: Thank you, all.

— Frederick Klass Jr., Industrial Evolution, Bay City


Pies de Résistance

I finally got my hands on the September 2011 issue of Hour Detroit. The article [“Off the Pie Chart”] and the pictures were amazing. Thank you so much for writing about me — and the pies.

— Nikita Santches, Rock City Pies


Our Fair City

The design, layout, and items featured in the August 2011 City Guide issue were outstanding. I especially loved the cover photography and “A Day in the D” article. I appreciate, as well, that you always include nostalgia. It was your best issue ever.

— Karen Breen-Bondie, Ferndale




Toasting Michigan Wines

I was pleased to read “Grape Gripes” by Christopher Cook  [October 2011]. My wife and I routinely stop at nearly every Michigan vineyard we come across in our travels, and our annual “wine trip” always includes 2 Lads Winery and Larry Mawby’s vineyard. Anyone who disses Michigan wines needs to get off their high horse give them a serious try. By the way, the vodka distilled by St. Jullian Winery in Paw Paw, Mich., is fantastic.

— Mark Benner, Oak Park


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