Letters from Readers: November 2012

WE’VE GOT MAIL… Praise us or pan us, but just put it down in words. Bravos or boos, we want to hear from you


The [houses of worship] photos [“Praiseworthy,” September 2012] are really a tribute to the importance of worship and the historical significance of Detroit. They’re testimony to Detroit’s richness of art. Thanks, Hour Detroit.

Gary Grzymkowski, via hourdetroit.com

Battling Ovarian Cancer

[“The Stealthy Specter,” September 2012] is a wonderfully written article. Thank you. With people like you telling the world about ovarian cancer, soon it will be a silent killer no more.

Amy Reeves, via hourdetroit.com


Your article on ovarian cancer was fabulous [“The Stealthy Specter,” September 2012]. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to carry our message to a broader audience.

— Thomas S. Nantais, chief operating officer, Henry Ford Medical Group

Keeping Animated

[Voiceover actor] Rob Paulsen is one of the best at what he does [“Shell Game,” September 2012], and has brought so much joy to millions of us animation lovers.

Jim Blankenship, via hourdetroit.com

Hot Wheels

[The benefit motorcycle] is a must-see in person [“Custom Cause,” September 2012]. It’s awesome. Thanks to Joel Walendowski and The Ted Lindsay Foundation. End Autism-Find a Cure.

Elaine Streiff, via hourdetroit.com