Letters from Readers: October 2012

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 Going with the Flow

I always enjoy the magazine, but August 2012 especially. What fun, especially the various fountains [“Water Works”]. But a question: Where’s the Bagley fountain now? It was quite near but apart from the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Campus Martius. Is it still there and just obscured by the new stuff? Dating from 1887, it was dedicated to “quench the thirst of Detroiters with ever flowing cold and pure water.” It was designed by the noted 19th-century architect Henry Hobson Richardson. Keep up the good work.

— Marian West, Ann Arbor

The Bagley fountain has the distinction of having three downtown locales. It was originally at Woodward and Fort, then was moved to Campus Martius in 1926. Finally, in 2007, Cadillac Square became its new home


You might like to know that the fountain at the GM Tech Center was originally much more complicated than now [“Water Works,” August 2012]. A large part of the total fountain emanated from a pond (within the lake) in the northwest corner of the lake. The program, as I recall, consisted of three or four tall vertical spouts that rotated back and forth (we called them the “fireman’s hoses”), followed by several shorter bursts and followed by the curtain of water that’s now displayed full time. So, the name Water Ballet that Calder assigned it was much more appropriate. Apparently, the total fountain became a maintenance problem and was dismantled except for the curtain.

I was in the design building from the time we moved in (1956) and for several years had an office overlooking the lake before retiring in 1991. My comments are intended only to give credence to the name and may not be exactly accurate.

Roger Crispell, Chelsea

A Knack for Mac

I saw your article on mac ’n’ cheese and wanted to suggest you try it at McVee’s on Telegraph in Southfield. They have it only on Fridays, but it’s the best. (I don’t work for, or have any interest in, McVee’s other than to pass along a place that has good mac ’n’ cheese.)

Michael Rudi

Awed by August

All your issues are works of art, but the August 2012 City Guide issue was above and beyond the perfect summertime issue, wonderfully nostalgic — especially for someone (like me) who has loved Detroit (and its suburbs) for 80 years.

My gratitude to all of you involved in the production of this issue and all your issues.

Barbara K. Sherwood, Detroit

I have to say that the August 2012 issue is my absolute favorite. I read it cover to cover and I’m ready to buy an urban cottage at Riverfront Towers!

Samantha Spencer Pattison, Royal Oak

Your August publication can only be described by the words, “visually stunning.” Your portrait of our town binds us together in the same way that we ask our family’s photo album to represent who we are — past and present. I hope our August visitors were as fortunate as I was and they, too, saw what we love about Detroit.

Harold Kaller, West Bloomfield Township

I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life but until yesterday, I never enjoyed the downtown Detroit experience. I fell in love, and the [Grand Army of the Republic] building was one of my favorites. I cannot wait to see what they do to this amazing building. [“Kings of a Castle,” August 2012]. Hope they keep today out of it and keep it a memory that looks nice.

Jennifer Honeysette, Lincoln Park



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