Not To Sound Like A Broken Record, But …

Letter from the Editor, May 2018

We’ve harped on it. We’ve daydreamed. And maybe you’re tired of hearing about it … but at press time, rumors were flying that Ford Motor Co., might buy the Michigan Central Station.

The news hit right after St. Patrick’s Day (a near-holy annual event for our Corktown friends). It also happened a few days after we closed the polls for our annual “Best of Detroit” voting.

We don’t normally share results until June, but we’ll make one exception, and the revelation won’t be a surprise. For many years running, Hour Detroit readers have selected Michigan Central Station as the city’s “Building Worth Saving.” This year, it’s another landslide; other places barely got any votes.

As we’ve noted, what would be more symbolic of the city’s revival? But if the rumors are true and the building that’s been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1975 gets a remake, we’ll have to come up with another symbolic building worth saving.

My vote? The Detroit Boat Club on Belle Isle. Let us know if you have others.

Our May issue has some other history to discuss. It’s the 100th anniversary of when Michigan went dry — a few years before the nation adopted Prohibition. See our favorite bartender/historian Mickey Lyons’ story on page 60. And speaking of drinks, pour yourself a mint julep in honor of the Kentucky Derby (page 51).

We’re not just looking at history. We also participate in a little Goat Yoga (yeah, it’s a thing), honor Mother’s Day, and also serve up grooming tips for men.

We also visit a few of Michigan’s more unusual festivals. Some of them  sound quite fun (send me to Camp Bacon or the National Asparagus Festival, please), but this former east-sider will likely give a wide berth to the Fish Fly one.