Spreading holiday cheer … eventually

Letter From the Editor

Whew! We collectively feel the need to take a shower now that the “nasty” election cycle is over. And maybe publish a nice, rancor-free holiday issue, right?

So why — after all that mess — are we dragging up inmate No. 44678-039, aka former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick? Old news, right?

Barring a miracle (like a last-minute presidential pardon, perish the thought), he’s exhausted all appeals and will remain behind bars. But rather than simply rehashing Kwame’s shortcomings, veteran journalist Jack Lessenberry takes a forward view, arguing that Kilpatrick’s actions have actually helped Detroit. Let us know what you think of his theory.

Speaking of bad behavior, Richard Bak describes Detroit-based celebrity preacher “Prophet” Jones as a “con man.” Back in the 1940s and ’50s, Jones’ radio broadcasts and early foray into televangelism gained him national notoriety and a lot of $20 “contributions.” Jones was later brought up on morals charges, and literally lost his throne. Imagine how many hits this guy would have got on Twitter (et al.) in this age of round-the-clock social media.

While Jones engaged in some criminal behavior, prisoners/chefs at the Lakeland Correctional Facility in Coldwater are transforming thoughts about themselves and public perception of the correctional system through food. One of the goals is to reduce recidivism by giving prisoners tools to successfully transition back into society. See Dorothy Hernandez’s report here.

OK, now it’s time for holiday cheer. Check out our gift guide, fashionable New Year’s Eve advice, and even a taste test pairing local booze with eggnog. And the holidays wouldn’t be complete without our annual candy cane and coal awards. Yes, the Hour staff has made its list and checked it twice; of course some politicians are on it!

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