Temperamental Artists and All That Jazz


There’s some truth to the notion that artistic minds don’t always work like the rest of ours. It can make dealing with creative folks a bit dicey.

A recent Internet video went viral when Samuel L. Jackson belittled a reporter for appearing to confuse him for Laurence Fishburne (“I’m the ‘What’s in your wallet?’ black guy. He’s the car black guy. Morgan Freeman is the other credit card black guy… ”). Kind of makes you understand the concept of “walking on eggshells.”

Which brings us to our article on Broadway star and Detroit native Elaine Stritch. Freelance writer George Bulanda is a fan but also knew Stritch could tear an interviewer apart if crossed. Of course, he charmed her (and that’s why we picked him for the job). See all the fun he and photographer Jenny Risher had during their time in Stritch’s Birmingham lair (page 33).

Then there’s Nigel Barker. You might think a world-renowned photographer and former judge on America’s Next Top Model would never consider doing a furniture catalog. Or leave New York Fashion Week early to do it. But as Associate Editor Casey Nesterowich finds out (page 27), Barker doesn’t exactly think of himself as “precious.” Read how he and Art Van Elslander have become good friends after a northern Michigan poolside chat about five years ago.

Writers can also get a bit temperamental. Jim McFarlin had a great interview with jazz pianist Charles Boles (page 38) and sent an email complaining that he needed more space. To keep him happy, we’re providing a Web extra of Boles’ tales from years in the music business. Yes, that’s a hint for readers to visit hourdetroit.com, follow us on Twitter, and “like” us on Facebook (we all like to be liked).

Speaking of getting all emotional … after nearly 10 years of putting heart and soul into this magazine, our art director is leaving. It’s fitting that we are finally forcing Cassidy Zobl to come out of “hiding” and grace our Contributors page (14). She never liked the limelight. Last year, she literally had to be pushed out of her chair to accept a Society of Professional Journalists “cover” award. It was a clean sweep: first, second, and third places! We’re going to miss you, Cassidy … and your little dog, too!


P.S. Got a ‘deja Food’ tale? Share it and get a meal ticket!

We were reminiscing about long-gone restaurants from metro Detroit’s storied past (The Golden Mushroom, The Little Café, Top of the Flame, etc.). Then we had a notion. Why not ask readers to share anecdotes of memorable meals or restaurant people? We’re only talking 200-300 words, so don’t wax too poetic. If you have fun snapshots, all the better. We’ll give a $100 gift certificate to one of the finer “modern” restaurants in town to the author of items we publish. Email us at editorial@hourdetroit.com or snail mail us at 117 W. Third St., Royal Oak, MI 48067. Just put “Deja Food” on the subject line or envelope.