Thanks for Making Me Look Good!

Letter from the Editor, June 2018

The headline above does not refer to the photo below (but thanks for trying, Cybelle Codish). It’s directed to the Hour Media staff and our extended family of freelancers who make everything we produce look and read so well.

A quote often attributed to German statesman Otto von Bismarck goes like this: “Laws are like sausages; it is better not to see them being made.” The same could be said of producing magazines. A lot of not-so-glamorous tasks go on behind the scenes, but I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most talented writers, art directors, photographers, copy editors, and production people in the country.

I wanted to take time to mention this now because I won’t be here much longer. While I’ve had one hell of a time during my 15-plus years at Hour Media, I’m stepping down soon to spend more time with family and do some freelancing (and maybe drink a little less coffee).

While we rarely like to toot our own horns, here’s a testimony to a winning team. Over my five-plus years as Hour Detroit’s editor, we have consistently won at least 10 awards from The Society of Professional Journalists©, Detroit Chapter’s annual Excellence in Journalism program. We’ve also received a number of honorable mentions and awards from national organizations such as the City and Regional Magazine Association and Folio.

This year, we took home another haul of SPJ awards (see below). So once again: Kudos to all of you for making me (and our magazine) look good!

PS: If you’ve never attended a “Best of Detroit” party, it’s a gathering of the top-vote getters, as decided by our readers. The food and entertainment are top-notch, and this year, it will be at Eastern Market, one of my favorite spots in Detroit. Maybe we’ll see you there!