This Time, I Really Mean It

Letter from the Editor, August 2018

A few issues back, I mentioned that after 16-plus years at Hour Media, I’m stepping down. I envision spending more time with family and doing some freelancing.

However, I don’t exactly do the relax thing very well. I guess sitting and watching Ellen won’t be part of my “semi-retired” picture.

For starters, I’ll be helping with the Golf Association of Michigan Foundation and their interesting Youth on Course program that allows young golfers to play for $5 or less.

I’ve also joined the board of a community arts organization in Northwest Detroit founded by Echopark Guitars owner Gabriel Currie. One fun project in the works is a blues festival in early 2019. Stay tuned!

Speaking of music, after a 20-plus year break, I’ve picked up my bass guitar again and joined an “old-man” band that we’re calling “One Foot in the Groove.” If you see us around town, buy us a beer. (Or perhaps a shot of Ensure?)

So yeah, I’m not exactly going gentle into retirement!

I’ve been writing this column since February 2013. I recall as a kid reading legendary Detroit Free Press columnist Bob Talbert, and thinking, “What a cake job!” Before I knew anything, that is. I’ve sometimes struggled to come up with a topic for this monthly piece, yet he’d file a column nearly every day! And he rarely repeated a theme.

Since this is my last column (I may pen a few freelance stories down the road if they let me), I looked back on my time here and noted a bit of repetition. While I’m not taking any credit for this, now that Ford Motor Co., announced they’re manning up to the task of fixing the dilapidated Michigan Central Station in Corktown, I just might have run out of things to whine about. My work is done here!

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