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A Matter of Taste

A++! I personally recommend Tre Monti [“Restaurant of the Year,” March 2013] and look forward to each time I go. Sometimes it is a fantastic formal occasion, and the other times are for a more relaxing and fun experience with a few friends. It is EURO LUX with cool comfort, DELICIOUS!
—Leslie Ann Pilling, Bloomfield Hills

I had to write regarding my overwhelming disappointment in your choice for Restaurant of the Year. I first dined at Tre Monti in Troy about two years ago. I found the atmosphere to be rather stuffy. But more importantly, I was thoroughly unimpressed with the food. Having a general respect for the quality of (Restaurant of the Year) choices made in the past, I opted to give it another try. I can think of an endless list of restaurants in the Detroit area that are more deserving.
—Alicia Kieninger, Birmingham

Safe Streets

As a resident of Woodbridge, I have dealt with Wayne State Police [“Midtown’s Boys in Blue,” March 2013] on many occasions. Every officer I’ve dealt with has been extremely courteous, helpful, and professional; more than that, the sense that they truly care about neighborhood safety comes through in all their interactions. It’s a fantastic feeling to know that they’re here watching out for us.
—Brian Ambrozy, Detroit

I live downtown and have been on Wayne State’s campus since 1997, so I agree with a majority of what’s stated in this article. However, I do not understand the author’s position in stating that the Cass Corridor has been cleaned up of pimps and prostitutes, then going on to explain how the department busted an illegal brothel. I also do not understand the claim that Wayne State is one of the safest campuses in the Midwest. As someone who is on campus during weeknights and receives the monthly crime reports, I completely disagree. Thankfully we have a strong, competent police presence in the area to help us contend with the crime.
—C. Arden, Detroit

Comments on Del Shannon from Down Under

I just read Richard Bak’s July 2011 article on Del Shannon [“The Flip Side of Success”] and noticed that no comments had been posted (online). We had recently been on a road trip, and a Del Shannon CD made its way into the player. Besides being a great listen, it also sparked my curiosity. Your article was a brilliant read. Shannon certainly walked with giants but had his demons, and left an indelible mark — particularly on those who started the journey with him all those years ago. I reckon he deserves to have a comment posted.
—Brian Jones, Australia

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