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Cantoro’s of Northville

Thank you for the wonderful article on Cantoro Italian Market (“A Taste of Italy in Plymouth,” June 2015). Please note: Cantoro, owned by my in-laws the Fallone family, is actually in Northville Township (but is served by the Plymouth post office). Normally this distinction doesn’t matter, [but] Northville has been a terrific partner since the first shovel broke ground.
— Scott Frush via email


A Wedding ‘Belle’

After receiving the May issue (“The Rebirth of Detroit’s Belle Isle”), I thought I might reach out. Belle Isle’s Detroit Boat Club will see its first wedding in more than 30 years at the end of August; it may be the only time an event is held there before the place is renovated and stripped of its more dated charms. I was able to secure the venue because both my father and grandfather trained as rowers there … the DNR was generous enough to allow permits [before] certain renovations. We [are] delighted to show off what a cool, historical space it is in the hopes it generates more interest. Love your magazine … I subscribe even though we live in Boston! — Erin O’Brien, via email


Worst of (and Best of) Comments

Born and raised in Detroit, I have been gone a while but still keep up with my Motown roots. My last trip I picked up the June issue. To the point of shock, I was taken back as to why you chose to illustrate “Best of Detroit” winners — a very uplifting event  — with such a dark, depressing portfolio of fairy tale pictures. The pictures seemed so inappropriate for a celebration of hard work from the winners named. Even the beautiful picture of the girl on the front cover had “Detroit” stamped across her head; there was plenty of space on the layout to move “Detroit.” If you need help with the next issue, give me a call.
— Mari Ellen Borowski, via email


// Thank you Hour Detroit readers for voting Motor City Meatball Kitchen Best Carry Out!
— Mary Ann Gualtieri, via Facebook


// Thank you Hour Detroit readers for voting The Mac Shack and ourselves (El Guapo) your two favorite food trucks! Huge thanks to Fox 2 Detroit Anqunette Jamison and of course, the man, Jason Carr, for putting our pork belly taco on the map. Bowl of Bacon!
— El Guapo, via Facebook