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I loved the way (writer Josie) Schneider took us through the history of fur, beginning with Louis XIV (“A Passion for Pelts,” September 2014)! The local connection gave me a side of Detroit I knew little about.
— Nancy Seligmann, Chelsea, via Facebook


// The story about fur contained false and misleading information. It takes more than 15 times the energy to produce a farmed fur coat than a synthetic fur coat. And fur is treated with a soup of toxic chemicals … known to end up in nearby soil and water supplies. Contrary to what Schneider wrote, there is nothing even remotely “green” about real fur.
— Jessica Johnson, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Washington, D.C.



What is not mentioned here (“The Art of Restoration,” September 2014) is the love the community has for Artist Village. I see it every day in the eyes of the kids that use the village (and) in the young adults that help clean up the neighborhood during the week. I see it every Saturday morning when volunteer groups come from around the country and nearby communities to help.
— Gordon Soderberg, Motor City Blight Busters, via Facebook



Your research showed truly great investigation of Bob Tannahill’s life and cultural accomplishments  (“Portrait of a Collector,” September 2014). I am honored to be one of the trustees of the Tannahill Foundation and help to oversee continuation of his generous endowment at the Detroit Institute of Arts.
— Joseph L. Hudson Jr.



Hey, they must have missed me somehow (“Best Dressed,” September 2014).
— Sue Greenwald Bidigare, via Facebook


// I think I just missed the cut … there’s always next year.
—Josh Keilman, via Facebook



Great article (“Standing the Heat,” August 2014)! Please write about up-and-coming women chefs!
— Mary Kate Scala Ben-Ami, via Facebook



The quote highlighted on page 106 in our October 2014 story on Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine should have been attributed to Florence Doo.