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Candy Canes and Coal for Us

Ben Carson has the gift of freedom of speech in this country. (“Candy Cane or Coal?” December 2015). At least Hour knows what freedom of speech is. I am embarrassed to have purchased this magazine. The editor should realize what the gift of Hour once was to Detroit… a sad joke now. Check the maturity level of your writers and perhaps pay quality, experienced staff. — Kelly Mitre via Facebook


// Thanks Hour Detroit for the shout-out! We enjoyed working with the Michigan Economic Development Corp. and Patronicity to raise money for the Alger. Thanks again to all of the donors. — Friends of the Alger Theatre via Facebook


// I had ripped out the two pages on “Candy Cane or Coal?” and brought them to work to read later. I am happy to report that the mother of the young man Eminem visited (my co-worker) now has that page. We couldn’t agree more that Eminem indeed deserves a candy cane! — Nancy Fobare via Facebook


The Lark’s Last Flight

Loved The Lark! (“Final Flight,” December 2015). It was our special anniversary celebration many times! — Brigid Martines Ventimiglia via Facebook


// We still have our card. The Rack of Lamb Ghengis Khan is served as a tradition at Easter at our house. Thank you, Jim and Mary!  — Tom MacLean via Facebook


// (We) traveled with this wonderful couple in Europe. Had a ball. Our sincere best wishes to you, Mary and Jim. What a fabulous ride! — Marney Simmerer Ramsey via hourdetroit.com


Targeting Demographics?

I let my subscription lapse after reading this “Let’s increase our black demographics” issue (December 2015). Too many people confuse your mag for “journalism.” — Bob Connely via Facebook


Instagram Love

I can’t thank @hourdetroitmagazine enough for allowing me to share some words and photos. (“At Street Level,” December 2015). Instead of jumping to conclusions and making false assumptions about my work the Hour Detroit people came to my neighborhood and got to know me and the reason behind my photos. I feel blessed to have a four-page spread in the mag. — @vuhlandes via Instagram