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Thank you for photographing and writing about the Grand River Creative Corridor — and for commissioning the Hour mural (September 2013). It’s people and organizations like yours that make the GRCC possible and contribute to revitalizing this neighborhood of Detroit. We couldn’t do it without you.
— Derek Weaver, principal and managing director, 4731 Group


Thank you so much for your thoughtful article on my work in Hour (September 2013). You really did a great job capturing what we do.
— Sue Mosey, president, Midtown Detroit Inc.


I have not had the pleasure of visiting Café ML, but I must say that your observation (September 2013) that you are “constantly struck by how little diversity there is between the menus at Detroit’s newer bistros” is right on the mark for all of us who have been experiencing the same over the past 30-plus years!

Those of us who travel frequently find Detroit’s restaurant offerings not only poor but totally lacking of any imagination, creativity, or the “joy of cooking” we find (elsewhere).

Is it because the meat-and-potatoes palates of the Midwest cannot appreciate haute cuisine, or that Detroit cannot possibly attract international chefs with imagination, or even that we are not demanding enough of our local restaurants?

Your publication plays a great role in the elevation of standards in the Detroit area (but) your write-ups on restaurants are not always the most challenging, certainly never critical. … When it comes to restaurants, you evidently and regretfully do not wish to have any reader opinions published or shown as part of your gastronomic exposure of Detroit’s inadequacies in that field.
— Miran P. Sarkissian, Bloomfield Hills


As my husband heads off to work in the dark for the 25th-plus year in a row, I am always reminded of the kind of doctor who takes his Hippocratic oath seriously, and what that means for his patients. My husband has been honored to be listed among the Top Docs in (a past) yearly issue. (Editor’s note: This was received before this year’s list was released.) In the 32 years I have been married, I have never heard my husband complain about helping a patient or a friend or neighbor, day or night. … Perhaps he’s not alone. Maybe there are several doctors who, like my husband, share the unique quality of devotion to others (and) who uniquely do not complain about the lifestyle, hours, and commitment it takes to be a great physician.
— A proud doctor’s wife

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